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“Stay motivated! As long as I have a desire, I have a reason for living. SATISFACTION IS DEATH.. We must find a GREAT reason to wake up every morning. (Always remember) Winning isn’t everything…. WANTING TO WIN IS!”
(rev run)

I was just saying this the other day to my friend, I told her, I have a great reason to wake up each morning. I also said I wouldn’t settle for 2nd best ever and I know you wouldn’t either. SO DON’T!
Up til around the day I turned 30 or so, I think I just said fuck it, this is good enough too often. Well good enough and settling are 2 different things. McDonalds is NOT good enough ever, but Wendy’s @ 1am might be lol. jk, real talk though, I feel that I’m too old to just settle for certain things. I just know at this point in my life in general, I won’t settle for what I don’t REALLY want. I’m also hard to satisfy. And since I’m moody, I could change my mind at the snap of some fingers…so I try and think very hard before I make a decision on anything and remember that I think much faster than the average person. This is in regards to everything from where I live and rest my head, what restaurant to eat at, to choosing a new car, to even love. Now in regards to love… you can’t really choose who your heart falls in love with, but you can choose to stay or go. (I know it’s sometimes easier to stay) To me, I gotta be # 1, # 2 and # 3 all together and vice versa with her, if my hearts just settling for 2nd best, then I got to hit the high road. I used to be the dude who would dump a girl over chipped toenail polish and a scar on the knee. It’s deeper than that. It’s deeper than sex. Affection is one part of it and of course you have the warm attachment to a lover, but when you have a true unselfish loyal concern for the good of that person is when all bets are off!

p.s. convenience can also screw things up. I remember staying around longer in a relationship because of “the convenience of having someone” and not wanting to hurt the girl’s feelings…. well today, I’d rather be by myself because, I can’t mess up any girl’s head over my selfishness or loneliness.

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