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went to pick up my 7 on Wednesday Morning and Platinum got it in….

“man I’m killing it, riding in that brand new…. swimming thru the streets lookin like I’m Shammoo! In that BIG BODY… with the wet paint!”

the rain has been so bad I didn’t really want to post pics of it wednesday night… so I waited til yesterday when parts of the rain went away…. and took better pics of what I had
this is just part 2….. I drop this long bitch off on monday for the final touches on it and get it back on my bday wednesday!
peep the pics: 


after paint…. installing the M-Sport front bumper kit
powder coated the kidney grills & mesh gloss black!

while they’re installing the rear trunk moldings I had powder coated in white… here’s an angle shot. notice the side markers have been powder coated white too and the roof moldings haven’t been installed yet either….

front bumper is now officially G’d the fuck up!
this is literally a night and super sunny day ass difference! now I am beyond in love with the overall look of this car!


some angled shots in front of the Diamond Supply Store on Fairfax…
car is dirty, but at least it wasn’t raining…. shit is so clean!

the ass shot! rear trunk moldings used to be chrome… now they’re white and they really smooth out the lines of the ass….. you can also see from the last 4 pics that the roof moldings have been painted Alpine white to also smooth out the lines….. don’t worry, those chrome exhaust tips are being powder coated next!

part 3 aka the final frontier is: powder coating the chrome window moldings glossy black; ceramic powder coating the exhaust tips glossy black and lastly powder coating the face/centers of the wheels glossy black and OH YEAH…. my Hamann suspension comes in Tuesday so I can drop this bitch down! shits coming from Germany with the rear air suspension module! all that is being done next week in time for my bday wed night! YEAHHH BUDDY!

I’m leaving the lip of the wheels and the door handle moldings(tiny accents, barely noticeable) chrome as those will be the only things chrome on the entire car giving it a VIP style look mixed with the storm trooper look my M5 had.

thank you George and the Platinum Fam!
Can’t wait til next week! UGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

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