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So the weekend was good, I still can’t tell y’all what went down last week… BUT STAY TUNED! BIG SHIT Y’ALL! ok, so anyways… I thought I was catching a cold… so I laid in the cut a lil bit so I could catch my flight and be crisp for my biz meeting in Vegas… I’ll keep it 1 liners from here:


paparazzi catching me & Tila out, but at least my fit is fly as hell!

sorry, every pic from this point on was taken with my blackberry camera…

you already know…. less than an hour flight and I still gotta fly 1st class.

and then greeted by my lovely friend…. she’s so high maintenance!

good, she’s asleep, so now I can go gamble….. bought a few #’s on the table and played a $500 hard eight… this clown crapped out and I said fuck it, back to the room.

shout out to my man Boston Tre (he helped me handle this B.I. for the trip) thanks lil homey

shout out to Cookie (I appreciate the dro mami…. I needed it)

so I handled my B.I. in vegas…. also had a lot of fun (always do) hit a few corners/spots… btw, Vegas is definitely slow right now, but damn it lost a lot of it’s luster due to the economy.

so back home to the city of angels…

of course it’s 1st class roundtrip, cmon…. (f.y.i. the SSSS on my ticket means security check, just happened to be chose for both trips? wtf? so annoying)

short ass flight…. but passed out and woke up to the view of my city!

of course, I’m putting my supras up on the wall… stewardess stfu!

so I landed safely and isn’t it great to come home in January and see this on your temp gauge?

yeh it hit about 86 degrees by the time I actually got to the trap….

see y’all soon! god bless! less than 2 weeks til my bday bash!
can’t wait for the foolishness!

peace, god bless!

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