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basic shit.

check out some small custom orders we’ve made and shipped out yesterday


VS and yellow gold….. cats love being on the blog


gang related…. VVS diamonds, 14k white gold and solid and heavy as hell…. changed up the color of the string and pave’ set this chakra bracelet

this is what someone makes when you’re really bored…. also finished this in less than 48 hours total from casting to setting stones…. no bruno mars, definitely no jersey shore

you guys remember my old Breitling Bentley 6.75?
well I sold it to a cat…. he didn’t like the small bezel I had on it, so…..

so he went ape shit and had us make him a 15 carat bezel for it! this bezel is so damn big it’s crazy silly

and lastly….. speaking of being silly…. I mean when you’re just tired of reasoning with folks and want to be an idiot then this is what you do….

smh, lol…. but look at that (forget to mention, honk kong manufactured shit you see in the south)

oh yeah,
not many cats can do this…. I mean for real for real….
but someone who reads the blog saw the eternity wedding bands (his and hers) and copped a set for him and his wife…. except he stepped up the quality of diamonds a level and then said fuck you gold rocking fools…. he’s going platinum on cats. so rare to see this these days…. #PT900

when you see that stamp, thats some shit…. the ring weighs more than some of the smaller pendants we make, it weighs about the same or more to my BB platinum pendant! much love to Canada
I mean, just the platinum alone was a few stacks

anyways, I’m off to Vegas for my lil homey’s bday….. he’s too chill and I need to roughen his ass up!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB! 24 YEARS YOUNG HOMEY! I’m getting you all the way sideways tonight!

and oh yeah….the AMC blog is almost done as far as the writing goes…. shit is very very long, but now that I got the jewelry gallery figured out, I may use the same for the pics for the AMC blog…. still figuring it out, but it’s sooo time consuming!

peace, love

have a great weekend!

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