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so after me and catdicc jr left my xbox party…. I gave my lil homey Tila her supras finally! and mashed over to Voyeur in West Hollywood for my lil bro’s bday party…. we got there and shit was INSANE!!!!! on the way there, called Cat Dicc 2 and wished him a happy bday as well… Jonas Bevacqua, you already know I’d marry you if the state of cali permitted, yes homo….

anyways, I had like 2 drinks at the xbox event and didn’t plan to drink, but THIS SHIT WAS CRACKINGGG! Jordan had the entire vip room blocked off just for him and by the time we got there, he had already popped 9 bottles of cristal and ace of spades! As soon as I sat down with my homey Jordan and his gf Morgan, I didn’t even know my fam Travis Barker and Armen were at our table too…. immediately 3 bottles of Crissy and Ace again were ordered…. there were so many bottles, I would say it’s safe to guess 30 bottles of cristal and ace of spades were ordered throughout the night…. it was nothing but fam in there, all the usual suspects, roxy, matt marciano, luke, david p, cameron, caleigh, hmmm who am I forgetting? I was faded! Bottles kept coming and coming…. shit was like on some Jay Z shit IN A RECESSION!

chopped it up with my og homey Dallas Austin for a sec…. but Morgan ordered everyone McDonalds Happy Meals! jesus…. I was so faded, I was drinking cristal from the bottle straight and eating a cheeseburger happy meal! wtf? whoaa!

when the bday cake came out…. of course it was a louis vuitton trunk stephen sprouse edition steez! shit was crazy…. I don’t know how we got home, but we did.
thank god safely!

Jordan, you’re a fucking rockstar for real. thank you and I hope you had the best one, with many more to come!

the demise….

off top, 3 bottles as soon as we sat down and like I said, they been poppin all night!

travy, me, jordan

a brand new bottle of crissy to myself? no way!

ktown, dallas and beverly hills….

round 1, she was the only waitress all night…

morgan and matt

jordan, morgan, matt and damn I’m a real asshole for forgetting the other 2’s names :/

I couldn’t tell if jordan was drunk since he’s a 100% irish fuck! haha

round 5 maybe? I seriously can’t remember, it got to a point where I was even like this is ridiculous, cmon!

Jordan owns some IF og gshocks already, but I wanted to show him the new 15 carat joint!


yessir….. 3 new gold bottles

franchise and me… aka pocket aces!

the cake…. Jordan, what did you wish for?

and the most gangster shit of the entire night….

no I wasn’t kidding, faded as hell, eating a mcdonalds happy meal with cristal out the bottle!

the waitress fucked up taking the pic and used the zoom button

I was so outta my mind at this point, I think Morgan lost a VERY expensive diamond bracelet, but found it later?

talk about a hangover? today is gonna either be a great day, or a very good day depending on the new few hours…. let me pray for the best!

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