Joe from Sneaker Bistro…. 1st diamond Solar G-Shock

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we made a custom diamond and gold g-shock for Joe @ sneaker bistro boutique out in New York, BUT, he wanted to really go a different route and change a few things up.
for 1, we made the 1st solar series 6900 G-Shock which has a slightly different mold than the normal 6900’s of the past. so we had to cast a whole new mold… next, he wanted a true storm trooper look to it, so he went an all white watch but with a black gold/black diamond shell….

(click on pic to enlarge)

Like I said before, they made the solar edition a tiny bit larger which forced us to have to use a separate new mold for this… so Joe you came up on a few extra stones

we also shaved down the back of the watch and added his store’s logo which we’ve never done for anyone before ever….

we are now doing this to all of our watches, some iced out, some just etched or engraved…
obviously with our “IF” logo and maybe our motto “many are cold, but few are frozen”
but if you want to get your logo done when we make your next watch, just hit us up.

thank you Joe, we hope you love the watch, this is something else… reminds me of my M5

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