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so yesterday I finished up doin a cameo for an AFI thesis film(short) called Jin….
the story is about a Korean boy who grows up in a korean gangster life and has to make a decision is he going to move up in ranks and be a boss or find a different route in life…. most importantly, can he take care of his family?

read more about the film here

so I got to work with an all Korean cast which was really fucking cool! and got to work with Justin Chon from the twilight saga…. Justin also owns a very successful street wear store called “Attic” in SD, OC and soon opening in Alhambra…. Justin is a very humble guy and not like the typical loud dickhead koreans like myself…..

the movie was shooting all week long and I wrapped last night…. I had a lotta fun and want to thank Sam and IL CHO(director) for asking me to be a part of this film and then actually having me in it….

here’s some shots I took while filming

that’s what it read on my thero on the way to my 8am call time

we sure look a little too happy at 8am huh?


shout out to Brisk! haha


you could say it was kinda easy for me to get into character


it can get boring on set…. so I took random pics… no mexican coke around, so the can is 2nd best…. look at how sharp the HDR feature is on the iphone4

and now for some widescreen shots… btw, all these pics with the exception of like 2 were taken on my iphone4


now I’ve worked on super high end budget films, the highest end music videos and then super indy films to everything in between…. and the only difference is the nice catering (our catering was beyond good) and of course the nicer trailers and rooms, but all in all, for a student film, this shit was super nice! some of the sets were built completely from scratch and other scenes were shot on location in koreatown and random k-town streets…. the makeup artist was super on point… the wardrobe was on point making all look like some fobs to ajusshi’s!

the pyro and squibs and gunsmiths were all the way official and best of all, nobody was hurt during filming

I’m just thankful period

it’s been a long ass week that went by very fast….
gotta get that work in and get pieces ready for valentines and all star weekend…. next weekend, i’ll be in Hawaii! yeeeeee!!!!
btw who y’all got on the superbowl?
if I was a betting man this weekend, I’d have to say GREEN AND YELLOW!
but even though I love the steelers 2nd best to my raiders… I gotta say I want my lil homey Charles Woodson to win his 1st with the cheeseheads

where are y’all watching the game?
I know where I’ll be!


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