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of course besides the locals to out of towners to A/B list celebs to the ones who think they’re famous in their own mind and of course, from Professional Ball players to Professional Olympians…. we got them covered like saran wrap over them birdies that don’t chirp.

for X-Mas, my buddy Apolo didn’t know what he wanted or what he wanted to get a friend, so he came up with a quick idea…. I didn’t want him to get anything because now that he reps so hard, I can’t charge him professional money smh…. so I tried to talk him out of something, but we were gonna make smaller dog tags similar to his but a solid color and with some meaningful laser engraving on the back….. well he canceled that! and we came up with something he knew he would wear and wanted badly…. some buddha beads, but he wanted the threaded ones and he wanted them to be not like anything we’ve ever made before. He wanted each bead to be SOLID, so they would be heavy….. and then he wanted them to be much tighter set and flooded everywhere, so we prong set these as nobody has prong set a beaded bracelet before…. and lastly he wanted his kanji # 8 lasered in 1 side of a bead and then the olympic rings on the other side….. and on each opposing bead, 1 black, 1 white!

we did that!
(don’t forget to click the pics)


now you can’t tell me that you’ve seen a cleaner threaded buddha bracelet….. I mean from afar, it may look close to the basic ones we make, but when you look up close you can see the detail on how much cleaner it is when prong set and we used bigger diamonds on each bead than the usual jeweler does. also this bracelet weighs almost 100 GRAMS!!!!! do you know how heavy that is? like 6-8x heavier than the regular ones.

Apolo rockin his black and white set up

and so I had to ship something out to a client who plays pro basketball overseas….
this is gonna be my wallpaper! could be the greatest pic


thanks AAO again for your business sir, ARIGATO!

so next up….
like I mentioned, we got a ball player from overseas who used to play in the NBA…. he was browsing my site and seen a couple things he liked, then couldn’t make up his mind and finally figured he wanted something that happens to be our best work for real! I’m gonna always be proud of these Skulls we made that could sit inside any Rodeo Drive or Bond St. boutique jewelry shop and not be looked at sideways or in any negative way….
well this guy ordered 2 SKULLS! 1 in white gold, 1 in yellow gold


seriously, 1 of my favorite pieces that we made to date…. so clean, so classy and I could see so many different types of people wearing these skulls. from hood to trust fund rich to A list to rock or block star…..

this skull is fully flooded out with VVS F colored diamonds and the eyes have a carat of legit VS diamonds in each eye! so big the skull looks surprised like he stole something! the skulls are really heavy for it’s size, but you can feel the weight and of course it’s solid!

thank you for your business and man what a week for jewelry huh?

yesterday right before I met up with Apolo…. my sister came by and said she had some shoes for me…. usually that means throwaways from George, Christian or Tom…. AND I’LL TAKE IT ALL DAY!

and then I see the box and I’m like OHHHHHH SHIT! haha


now you know I love suede and patent leather…. the color is so clean too…. and you know I’ll take a free pair of $1,500 + shoes all day! now these are shoes for a professional baller! haha, I was gonna buy the navy blue low top Lanvin’s until I realized how much I was spending on gifts for others…. and then realizing how much I didn’t really care…. so take care

everyone have a great weekend,
I’m taking Nic’s dad to the Lakers Game tonight….
I’ll be in cold ass Chicago sunday


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