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okay, so after a long long long time….. THE JEWELRY GALLERY IS UP!

it’s not everything, but it’s up!
I will be updating the gallery with ALL the pics that I HAVE or that WE HAVE in regards to Icee Fresh, IF and Co. and custom jewelry. so be patient… I’m going to use this gallery plug in for the AMC blog maybe too.

I will be taking all the pics from the blog which I started in Oct 2008 and put them up here so you don’t have to scroll back…but remember folks there is a SEARCH BAR ON THE TOP OF EACH PAGE! just type in what you want to see or read about and every post with those key words will pull up (not the tags, but an actual search for words. i.e. “ryan grant” or “diamond g-shock” type that in and hit enter and entries will pull up.

so check the jewelry gallery out above… and i’ll be updating as often as I can….
some of these pics are literally 5-6 years old! mannnn we’ve come a long way like them slim ass cigarettes…. from virginia…we just gon continue


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