Jewelry for a champion (for real)“Apolo Ohno” Olympic Champion!

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Now we made a few things for Apolo Ohno recently, but as for Olympic related jewelry, this is what we made him as sort of a gift to himself. If you remember in my blog as previously mentioned, we just met barely a month ago and I didn’t know much about the guy, but now I think of him as a Chingoo (friend in korean) and he’s a really well rounded guy. I don’t know how the hell we get along so well because this guy’s actually a very decent gentleman…

anyways we got it IN!
we’ll get to the other custom jewelry we made for Apolo later, for now I want to focus on the Dog Tags…
with the Tags, he wanted a black and white theme (I think Apolo may want to make a new set of dog tags in 14k yellow gold; 1 white, 1 yellow like fabolous chains steez too) and we did the custom bails; the custom # bails are “8”s for the asian lucky #8 and his company as well 8zone
and we iced out these tags completely with all VS diamonds and everything in 14k white gold (1 tag in black gold rhodium). the dog tags weigh almost 55 grams each!!!! (110 grams total = heavy as shit!) and very thick! the total diamond weight on these things are almost 9 carats each! we even iced out the sides of these tags; that’s how thick they are!

out of over thousands of custom pieces we’ve made, this particular job was something I took dear to heart on the level of respect I have for this man now and how much love he has for “our” korean culture, etc…. (fuck the rumors that blind ignorant koreans tried to make a controversy during the winter games…. AO is a straight cat)
I mean I take close look at almost anything custom that we make, but even though Apolo wasn’t a picky guy, I think that’s only because he knew how much of a picky person I am with even the slightest detail etc and I know he notices the same type of blemishes I would notice on anything….. so on to the pics. I’m very proud of this. Our 1st OLYMPIC GOLD champion/medalist ever.

Thank you Apolo, I appreciate your business, we appreciate your business!

Apolo’s dad is the most important person in his life and his biggest inspiration so he wanted an image of his dad lasered onto the back of the dog tags…. the image came out pretty ill!

btw, I can out dance you homey, I don’t play that dancing with the stars shit, come to the hood! haha
you a real dude to walk into the slauson fam!

I will post the rest of Apolo’s jewels soon.


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