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yes, christmas is coming so for the entire month (until 12/25) I will discount everything in my store by 40%
now the following high selling items will be discounted from $250 to $1,500 depending on the size

$250 off a micro jesus piece is a big discount!

here’s some pics of what we have in stock right now

the full team!

Regular sized Jesus Pieces….

baby jesus in almost all colors with the micro jesus pieces on top….

an exclusive for only the Holidays…. Jesus pieces with Diamond Thorns & Diamond eyes only which were obviously made to be more affordable.

but now to hurt your pockets (trust me I didn’t want to do this)…..


this is a baby jesus piece with a 100 gram cuban link (miami cuban) chain. this necklace alone though costs the same price as a fully iced out baby jesus piece…. but there are cats out there who don’t trip on price tags.
remember, this is diamond and gold jewelry, this is NOT for everyone. just like a ferrari isn’t for everyone. I think a lot of people are confused still on what jewelry costs. you really need to look at things and compare our jewelry to the next mans or even the best out there. you’ll see why I talk so much shit. but you’ll also see our prices are pretty low actually.

back to jewelry


some diamond bezel Virgin Marys and these are some of my new favorite joints to wear myself.
there’s 3 sizes in diamond bezels if you look closely. 2 carats, 2.5 carats and 3 carats

and now since we’ve made SD padres pieces, SF giants pieces and of course LA dodgers pieces, we decided to custom make a CA angels piece (I refuse to say Anaheim)


yellow gold, VS white diamonds and heavy…. the piece goes hard! all you need is a cuban or franco and you’re good!

so the sale prices go on until X-Mas day only.
after that, Its back to the prices that EVERYONE has been paying already and we have never been busier, so this is just extra love back to y’all.


Merry Xmas and Happy Hanukkah! (btw, I will post the new Jewish Star of David tomorrow)

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