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yeh that…..

so we sold 7 of those “micro” jesus pieces and we have 1 left, thank god I got to shoot some pics of it before it left…. the specs? 1.4 carats total of micro pave'(costs double to set over regular pave’) and this one shown is in 10k white gold and weighs approx. 15 grams total with the franco
so here are some close ups


and then a pic of it on a regular sized guy


shown above is the “micro” jesus piece with the short chain and then the “baby” jesus piece’s on the bottom
you can tell now the difference between the “baby” jesus and the “micro jesus”
this regular standard sized jesus piece(NOT SHOWN) is much larger of course

and I already know these are going to move real well…. and we have also iced some of these out, just around the bezel and fully iced out


these virgin mary’s are just gold only though and are super clean!

who wants to be the first person to have a real diamond lock and key?
small, but super clean


you would have to be a real asshole to walk through TSA with your carry on luggage and this attached to your goyard duffle bag! lol

and got a new watch as a trade in yesterday…..


I’m gonna either sell it as is….. or put some black diamonds on it and then sell it!
either way, its at the store now if you wanna check it out. clean piece

and since we’re taking upclose pics… here’s some of the new diamond snake style franco chain


I still haven’t seen a chain like it…. crazy unique, even the way it shines is different! like a chandelier!

I got a special package last week that I want to share with my readers/viewers…


shout out to the homey Patrick Martinez who I’ve seen evolve from not just a street artist, but now a world renown artist! big ups! I was around the block when my homey Drake copped your “LESS DRAKE, MORE TUPAC” art piece lol… good shit and THANK YOU AGAIN! this is so dope to me!

so I got a few pieces to start and some to finish today, so I’ll be active and try to post more often.

be easy

p.s. how come the best actors on this earth can’t even get a job acting, but teach a class on acting? wtf? how come the best jewelers on this earth can tell a diamond clarity with their eye from a 10 x 10 pixel picture off the internet, but not have a jewelry business or ever worked for a jewelry business? and how the fuck do people who are single have the best advice on love? well, how about guys who play ball all day on the playground, but never made it to the pros want to coach a pro! do you realize how simple and backwards this shit is? Be careful who you take your advice from…. I mean, if you were in the game and after many years you bowed out gracefully or retired (I mean at one point though had to be successful in their own field)…. or became a widow/widower then, okay, but otherwise, think about it carefully and don’t be afraid to let someone know to button their dumb ass lip.

Also, as a blogger and this may sound crazy as hell…. but I learned this from a few folks and most recently the Champ, Floyd Mayweather with what was going on with all this pacquiao talk…. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ. And no matter how concrete the info is, there will always be a non believer. and now lately with this new age shit… don’t believe everything you even see! smh…. and you already know not to believe everything you hear…. But if I were to tell you guys a story about a very negative thing in my life, some of the haters would believe it even if it wasn’t true, but really, why read my blog then? makes no sense… or why follow me on twitter? why shake my hand in public or ask for a picture?

people misquote me and misunderstand me daily and I don’t usually care, but sometimes even my real friends and family can’t decipher what’s going on… am I that good of a writer? I don’t think so.

I’ve also been running into a lot of analog type brains lately….. straight up cassettes in a digital world…. some people are barely CD’s and those are pretty much almost on their way out and extinct and you know this. I have seen the betamax turn into the VHS and then turn into the DVD and then slowly but surely see the transfer of this digital hard drive or streaming take over….. I’m talking about this in regards to a way of life sometimes. Too many people are afraid to evolve because they’re afraid, but yet, they will evolve with fashion or other things and then realize why they’ve turned into dinosaurs and let the world pass them by…. I have a deep gap of age difference in the people that are around me on a social level… some older, some younger and some wiser and some not as wise… I try to share my wisdom or the knowledge that I have around everyone. and then the youngsters thinking they’ve seen something that has already been around and I’m not even really speaking on technology. Again, I’m more talking about the way we live. I don’t even want to blabber too much, just marinate on the idea for a while….. a lotta shit is on my mind lately

“try to accept what can’t be defined” I read that in an astrology book about my moon and someone else’s…. crazy shit


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