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I think since I started this blog in the late fall of ’08, I never went through this long of a vacation.

well, really though, I kinda fell back off my social network game period

I even didn’t tweet that much in the past 2 weeks (minus this past weekend), not a whole lot of instagram….. but like I mentioned in the previous blog: I’M STILL HANDLING BUSINESS!

which brings up something that happened a couple days ago when I was getting a pedicure/manicure….
this bird had the nerve to chirp her lips at me when I asked her to cut my nails shorter… and she just didn’t want to be there, but obviously had no other choice because her english skills were as decent as her 23 letter, triple consonant last name. smh


shit used to happen to me when I used walked into Gucci many years ago…. I’d be like, listen Caesar, just get me my sandals and GG polo shirt so I can hit the block… you work here, I’m shopping here, ya dig? ok.


I hope everyone’s weekend was great…. mine was okay.
there will be a lot of jumping around going on in this blog entry, so read carefully and I’ll say to myself: why do they care what I be up to?

so after I made all the jewelry orders… instead of shipping them, my homey FATS came into town to swag it out with me for a couple days….
we mashed around town in a new RR Ghost (Ghost Ballin) and he loved all his new jewelry… and I gave his old jewelry a tune up too with fresh rhodium, etc….

these roofs should be mandatory on any luxury sedan…. you never know when you may need to pull out the semi auto and go HAM on the haters

and since I’m not a hater at all…. my boy showed me his new $118,000 factory diamond Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch…..


btw, that’s FATS wrist…. the watch was so cold it turned his wrist to stone

we hit up Mr. Chows heavy that night…. never fails

woke up in the morning and got brunch at Asia De Cuba….

Cajun Fries… the cornerstone to every breakfast! NOT! lol, I didn’t have a single fry

this is what I ate….

and it was delicious as it’s always been for over a decade


it was hot as hell last week in LA…. summer finally came, but from the looks outside my window today, that shit looks like it left EARLY!

I took FATS to all the spots in LA…. he burned down Rodeo and I burned down the block smh lol
walked into ILLEST boutique and got this

(thanks Mark)

and we hit up La Brea and I grabbed this….

speaking of KAWS…. my new 4 footer should be here soon (thanks Chris & Rhino)

anyways, much love to my homey FATS…. much love to Chicago!
I’ll see you soon homey

so I finally molded Tyler Da Creator from Odd Future after maybe 13 different schedule changes and complications due to tours and shit

he got the most random ass teeth done up… smh

earlier that day I had put jewels on the hottest R & B artist in the game (make sure you check him out on 2 tracks on the new “WATCH THE THRONE” album) Frank Ocean

it was a beautiful day at the Ocean…. as we was shooting Frank Ocean


Nabil is a cold ass photographer…. and you already know I know some bad ass photogs!

btw, this is NOT Frank’s swag at all! he and his management just wanted to do something totally different… I can’t imagine Frank rocking diamonds…. maybe the rolex

for helping all the lil homeys out aka the Future of music…. this is what I got in return

smh, they had to give me Pink of all colors, fuck it haha

me and Nic hit the Americana a couple times last week…. we saw Planet of the Apes and that shit was AWESOME! great movie!

I tried to take a pic of Nic in front of brand new Apple store, but my iphone couldn’t focus on the Apple, instead it blurred it out. so……

crazy big…. and the first Apple store in I believe America is across the street inside the glendale galleria

oh yeah…. wait a min…

last weekend, me and Nic headed out to San Diego to get away…. Vegas was just not gonna happen and Palm Springs was too hot and stores don’t really open and I mean places like even Subway aren’t really open til around Sept…. so we hit the Andaz (1 of my 3 telly’s I’ll only stay at in the Gaslamp)

I don’t know what was going on but…. Comic Con was over and SD still was sold out at every single hotel! so we got there at 2pm, but our room wasn’t ready and last minute I was able to get a corner suite, but man, the room was dumb small…. it’s okay, the Andaz/IVY is always fly…. Nic seemed irritated on the phone lol…. while waiting we ordered this pesto pizza and a salmon burger and it was FUCKING GOOD!

we walked over to the horton plaza to do some shopping and after a couple hours, I found a pair of skinny’s…. but Nic came up and found a lotta things she liked surprisingly

I wish I came up on this space invader at the Horton Plaza escalator

we basically just chilled the entire time

so poised…..

the next day, we hit up the Fashion Valley Mall and damn…. I remember that spot being very weak like 6 years ago…. now they got a fucking Hermes’ in there???? and a LV and other SWAG shit…. we got a basic ass meal at California Pizza Kitchen, but I was NOT mad at all… it’s always so consistent

then later, we got freshened up and walked over to get dinner at the Oceanaire
the calamari appetizer was on the house, thanks to the Andaz concierge and the Calamari was AMAZING!(not shown)
Nic got the Scallops and this place is supposedly the best seafood restaurant in Daygo…. and I just liked the whole theme they got running there…..

you see a sign like that at the check in and you know you’re in a classy place

so the food….

was really great

and since we were in a seafood restaurant…. I had to order

the strip steak lol….. who does that?
would you go to McDonalds and get chicken mcnuggets? ….. wait

we had to run to 6 blocks in crazy swamped foot traffic as the gaslamp gets crazy on friday and saturday nights…. to make this movie, so Nic suggested we get into a pedi-cab and if I didn’t listen to her, we woulda never made the movie…. a movie? yeah man, all I do is watch movies these days, I hate going out unless I’m being paid…..
we went and saw Crazy Stupid Love and honestly, I thought I was gonna hate it, but it ended up being a pretty damn good movie with some crazy shit but believable!!!

then we walked over back to our hotel which was raging! and it was just past midnight…. we decided to check out the roof party and I saw so much bad style and then seen a 57 year old lady with fake tits and a dress that was in fashion in 1998 and said, aite, I’m good… let’s have a drink in the room lol

we watched this movie in the room called “Win Win” with Paul Giamatti in it and that was very good too!

woke up sunday early and the sun was out…. so we went up to the pool to lay out and get some color

peep the table sign

so good…..


I kinda lightweight love San Diego…. totally different from LA and totally different from the Bay, fuck it, I love CALI

Nic checking Instagram lol…..

speaking of Instagram, it’s so fucking big now, they have 7 million + users
I mean that shit blew up!!! I’m at almost 5,000 followers…. if you got an iphone, then download the app! and if you have a blackberry, then slap yourself….. lol… all your friends are jumping ship because that ship is going to crash because it’s so old and decrepit

so after a couple hours in the sun…. we walked down to this restaurant called Searsucker… the spot had a DJ which right there brought up a big red flag, but the decor was so fly, I said, fuck it, let’s eat here….. the food was fab for real….

Nic got the seabass breakfast sandwich which was really good and lighter than you would think….

I got the Rooster burger (had an egg in it, any burger with an egg = win) and that shit was delicious!

we walked back to the telly and checked out the horrible restaurant names they had all over, like the double deuce, quarter kitchen and then I saw a classic spot

but I can’t even go there, I gotta try to lose some more weight and get my stomach looking at least decent

btw, the liquor stores in the gaslamp can’t sell alcohol after 10pm WTF??? so dumb

we got back to the telly and packed….. checked out and I met NBA legend Maurice Cheeks in the lobby checking in…. really cool dude….

we stopped at the outlets in Carlsbad and honestly, every single store there just sucked…. not that I thought I was gonna find something, but it’s not even like you’re getting a great deal

got back to LA and was hyped to get home to catch up on True Blood and Entourage (finally looks promising)

now, this passed weekend was chill and busy at the same time…..
Jersey Shore looks bad and J Woww needs to stop fucking with her face, smh, I mean, damn, the first thing people wanna do is plastic surgery when they get money? I mean she already copped boobs, but don’t mess with your face and no it’s not weight loss


if you’re in Seattle, look out for my team and one of our trucks holding it down the GREEN way!

shout out to Rex, Mike, Brian, Jake and Kel and the whole family!

last week was the agenda trade show (shout out to Aaron and congrats on your success!)
but I didn’t go lol….
but I hit up Diamond right after and they had Holiday samples in and the homey Nick Diamond laced me!


thanks again for the gear….

Hard Fest was on Saturday and Odd Future was performing….. so I had to get Tyler’s grills/caps ready by then…. shot up to the Odd Future offices and seen the homey Lucas there typing in “where the honey dips at” all over message forums lol (JK)

he always horny


he did 2 top teeth to the side… and 3 bottom teeth to the opposite side

(top grill not shown)

thanks Tyler and all my OF fam…. kill them in Asia this week homies

and speaking of Asia and Japan….
I need to get there to see the Bearbrick Park!

those are 10000% be@rbricks btw


nothing crazy…..


you might not can’t tell, but those are Green diamonds on that bracelet and Green diamonds now are up in price…. we got that in stock ready to rock and adjustable to pretty much any wrist size

I love this bracelet…. yellow gold diamond fully iced out cubes and yellow gold diamond cut beads


we made a clean simple “IF & CO” block bracelet after getting the idea from MJ for his WWJD one we made him

back to more cubes….

we made a ladies necklace (mens in the works too with much larger blocks, matching bracelet also)


we made them in white and yellow gold…. get one for your girl!

more clean ladies jewelry?


micro pave wrap around snake ring

and some more ladies or I guess unisex jewelry…..

I actually would rock this prong set small cross. very clean!


we have a bezel already made and ready to go for ANY/EVERY SINGLE ROLEX MODEL OUT! from a ladies datejust to a Daytona or Submariner! we got it, from pave to channel set! and some nice choices for Breitling EVO, SA and Bentley models…. just hit us up!

and lastly for jewels for this entry….


a super stupid clean solid gold Buddha charm….
the detail is sick! and it’s even prettier in person…. inquire about us making anything you could possibly want made in gold and with diamonds

and then….

Saturday night was chill
went to Nic’s parents house to hang out with her friends from the Philippines and her relatives from Germany…..

I never understood Hookah really…. I’ve tried it before, but that was like 7-8 years ago and it did nothing for me, I think cigarettes gave me a better buzz…. but we all chilled and sipped our favorite potion and chopped it up

that’s a nice angle of my fat head!
btw, that ICEE FRESH hat was given to me, I might have them make like 10 of them and give them away to anyone who wants one…. BUT I need to stop bullshittin and get this Diamond Supply Co x Icee Fresh collab poppin already…. we’re gonna do a hat, hoody and tee in a few colorways

Sunday Brunches at Barney’s greengrass are always swag


and then you can go downstairs and spend $5,000 easily on a few things smh….

I mean, I did keep it egg whites and since I did splurge for the past few weeks lightweight….
I gotta keep it to something like this

zero carb meals for dinner and super low to no carb meals for lunch and breakfast…. they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. that’s bullshit, dinner is, you gotta make sure you’re not eating a big meal for dinner and not eating super late or right before bedtime!

shout out to my boy Apolo who came through last night to get some Pho and chill out with his big homey, much love bro…. funny stories!

everyone have a great week….

glad to have an update finally!
and I’ll try to update more often


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