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so a few days ago, I dumped the blackberry completely for the first time since 2004 and I’m rockin with an iphone4 for dolo now….

there’s so many ill apps from instagram to tigertext to so many sick games…. but the app SQUARE is a lifesaver when clients don’t want to use paypal to pay me…… the fees are slightly less, but this way of paying me is more secure….
it accepts Visa, MC or AMEX within seconds….
much love to SQUARE


I’m hyped to be off my blackberry for good…. this is the much more antisocial phone

so yesterday I had a meeting at the fantasy factory and they were actually filming some crazy shit while I had a meeting with my homey Drama…..

I took over Chanel’s desk job for a min while she was filming….. and I was also rocking her glasses (photo credit Chris Pfaff aka Drama)
and we chopped it up…. he got a chain from a bogus jeweler who black rhodium’d his chain wrong, so I came to the rescue…. also gotta make a Y&R pendant for the homey….

as I was about to leave, I took a joy ride in his brothers Tiger Mobile

lol, I thought that shit was a joke! but Scott been pushin this whip for over a year now! smh

shook barely out west from the fantasy factory to meet up with my homey IZ
we got it in at El Cholo in koreatown and shit was god damn delicious!


I used to have my bday parties here 13+ years ago…. smh, food is still slamming and I remember this used to be Jack Nicholson’s favorite restaurant to eat at….. crazy thing is he still comes here

it’s always good to catch up with IZ and see what’s good in his crazy life… he’s got his act together and download that mixtape!
much love to my G

after that…. I shot over to “the block” to chop it up with my little homey’s at Supreme and Diamond and I saw that 2 good homies of mine Patrick Martinez and Rob Abeyta Jr are having an art exhibition at Known Gallery very soon….
1 of the things from the gallery is this dope ass piece!

so then I shot back to finish some work and meetings….
when I got home…. I stopped by magnolia to get some cupcakes…
and then stopped at Pavillions to get some cheap cake
even though its not my birthday, my name is always on some cake

I love white cake…. ghetto cake too lol

but speaking of birthday’s….
I’ll be in Vegas tomorrow night at JET celebrating my lil homey Rob Kardashian’s bday….

I can’t believe my guy is flying coach smh lol…

aite y’all…
gotta go pay my respects and also say goodbye to Nate DOGG

crazy life we all live… it’s short, make the best of it, there isn’t a part 2 as far as I’m concerned, but what do I know?


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