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So I think any tues following a long holiday weekend makes me feel like damn, today is monday? wait, naw it’s a short week? regardless, it screws up my body clock ONLY because everyone else trips on it so much.

the most important thing is this: SUMMER NEVER CAME TO L.A.! IT’S 67 DEGREES OUTSIDE AND WILL BE COLD ALL WEEK LONG! I hate that Fall is coming, I used to look forward to it when I was a kid for the following reasons: School started so that meant flossing new gear, new girls and FOOTBALL SEASON….. now? not so much… but it’s nice to have a wonderful woman in my life

so I really did nothing but get rid of more shit and I’m down to my land strand of giveaways and extra unnecessary things from my place…. I’m thinking of getting a new turbo porsche and a prius instead of just having my 7 (HMMMM?)

friday night, I went to Best Buy and got there at 8:30 and stayed until they kicked me out…..
checked out 65″ LED tv’s and that’s what I’m getting….
realized that I don’t want to get another bluray player, so I’m going with a new PS3 with wifi so I can use the playstation store which I’m addicted to. damn I know I’m late and I know about a year ago I used to fuck with it because my homey Jordan used it so much, but I gotta do it…. also with updates the PS3 can be used as a 3D dvd player too! so I win…. speaking of the PS3 there is a jailbreak now? word? I care “0” when they let me play xbox games and other shit then I MIGHT be excited, but I’m not much of a gamer these days…. which brings me to selling my 2 brand new in the box never opened limited edition XBOX 360 elite consoles with everything…. 1 is a super limited #’d GTA IV edition and the other is the Resident Evil all RED xbox… inquire via comment! or to

so saturday, same shit, nothing but trying to find the perfect rug for my living room…. going over jewelry designs, finishing Mayor’s invisible set mini cross…. finishing Apolo’s new olympic ring dog tags, finishing some rings and slanging more gucci’s!

Sat night, me and nic went to finally go see “Takers” and the movie was good. Def action packed from beginning to end, I feel like Chris Brown was a little tad bit too goofy for the role, but I guess it was borderline since he was supposed to the younger brother? I dunno…. Adris’s accent was NOT believable. was also unnecessary….. T.I. was a little too cocky and it didn’t work all the time. But everyone else was on point. Crazy to see my homey Gabriel Casseus’s name roll at the end as the Writer for this! damnnnn!!!! good shit Gabe!

Sunday, checked on pops condition and finally found the day bed I want from West Elm….
woke up to a few funny bbm pics…
1 of my homey Max Murder who was probably outside his mind

I love this crazy motherfucker!

and then… the new Banksy

clowning again…. the government again…
BP diss and the japanese dolphin hunters…

later in the day, before I headed out to the FM show, I was trying to find the perfect outfit….

nothing could be worse….
SOFTIES X CROCS COLLAB? smh…. (btw, Homicide stays rocking softies)

but speaking of kicks, I got some ill shit for sale…. Supra NS Skytop Red patents(prolly the hardest to find) worn only 2x for a photoshoot and then some other NDS kicks along with DS kicks and also a good amount of really rare Vans SK8 Hi’s x supreme x undftd kicks….. just holla

so I shoot over to ISA with Nic and it’s literally across the street from Catdicc Jr’s crib…. but his dumb ass is in Orlando, FL (I know, I know… why? why? WHY???) LOL

get inside with my backstage credentials and I get the feeling of when koreans used to try to put on shows with whoever or whatever was popular back in the day music or dancing wise….. I’ve never been to Kollaboration, but unless they recognize (I went to HS with the founder smh….) I’ll never show up to one.
but I missed last years ISA and FM offered to bring me out to SF, but I had so much drama last year, I couldn’t make it. BUT I’M GLAD I MADE IT THIS YEAR BECAUSE EVERYONE SAID IT WAS THE BIGGEST ISA SHOW TO DATE AND THE BEST ONE YET!

I see IZ as soon as I get to the backstage area…. comedian Danny Cho…. some dancers… k-pop sensation Jay Park and others…. I’m not trippin on nobody and they ain’t checkin for me, so it’s all good…. I just hang out in FM’s dressing room with my girl and FM

before I even got there… James aka Proh sent me this picture at around noon

I was like ohhhhh shitt! a couple thousand can fit in that spot! and it’s sold out? okayyyy it’s gonna be ON!

IZ always cracks me up, I got to talk to JSpliff and Kev a little bit…. Proh was pretty much co-MCing the show with others…. to be honest, other than Qwest Crew, i’d never ever heard of the other people on the bill.

you already know if there’s an event with FM and I’m jumping on stage? I need to have ice or ice cold ROSE’….

but since the show sponsors were disney and JC Penny and the crowd was PG-13 to 18….. we agreed they might trip if I come up on stage with some liquor… I ain’t tryin to mess up their paper either… so we kept that bitch on ice…

the guys threw out a shoe signed by everyone on the bill and included party crashers IZ and moi…

IZ clowning….. shout out to my boy Onxx

the FM cats got some disneyland mickey hats made with their names on it… so I decided to fuck with them…
koreans got big ass melon heads, so I knew JSpliff’s hat would fit me lol

retarDEAD Mau5

so anyways….
closer to show time…. the guys got their mini rehearsal on

they’re show hasn’t come a super long way inside the past 2 years…. it’s just got more polished each time and more energized as they continue to rock mic’s. REAL TALK. E-Man jumped on the drums for this show….

so after they got it in….
we all walked downstairs to see parts of the show

MUCH LOVE TO DIANA AND THE ISA CREW! these VIP seats were something else! best seats for sure…

place was packed….


AJ Raphael playing to a sold out crowd….

kevnish… catdicc and proh backstage

Jay Park and Dumbfoundead had the crowd crazy…. I MEAN CRAZY!

between the both of these cats, they got 200,000 followers on twitter…. was nice to meet them and see their repping that K!

so after they got off…. there was a short 2 minute break to bring up the main event….

these korean girls were screaming like Rain was on stage! haha

are you ready???

and then

E-Man brought out the homey Nick Cannon and then Nick Cannon shouted out the FAM and introduced FM…. was a dope moment since it was a complete surprise….

Nick said upstairs in the room… “I’ll never be icier than Ben Baller” lol

before FM stepped on stage…. they always huddle into a prayer and the stereotypes led it off that night with a blessing

Far East Movement about to Blast off in T minus 10 seconds…. 9, 8, 7


vir man is always ready!


these motherfuckers are all the way turnt up!


man these sons of bitches are bonafied true ROCK STARS NOW!

then the Poreotics crew came up to rep with FM on Girls on the Dancefloor


hard to get a good pic on the side of the stage… but just imagine the energy off the images….

and so….
it’s almost about that time lol (old man that I am, I had to stretch just in case smh)


I grabbed that mic and said AWWWW YEAHHHHHHHH!

Qwest jumped up there too…. I was adlibbing on the mic with 1 hand and fist pumpin with the other


walked off to the back side of the stage because it was too hot, too crazy and my ass is too old!


yep…. was jumping back and forth from a real camera to my blackberry camera


virman and stereotypes jumped in like it was a gang bang lol

PROH saying #1….. (haircut looking like a university of michigan wolverine helmet! lol)

so we all walked back up to the dressing room….

and then you awwwwreadddy know!

made sure NO GLASSES! you got 5 people who share a drink here in America and someone or everyone gets sick…. but in Korea, you got 5 people sharing some jigae and NOBODY GETS SICK!

so we killed that shit inside 10 minutes and I shook….


so then me and Nic shook off to HYDE to meet up with her friends and it was fucking packed in there too!

hung out there til 1am and I was fucking exhausted from running around and drinking….

went to Del Taco and then I passed out like a grizzly bear….
did somone say be@r???

smh, nic woke up because I was snoring so loud so she videotaped it… when she finally woke me up, I could hear myself snoring…. I was so fucking tired from everything!

but I went back to sleep and slept WELL!

woke up monday and it was nice and quiet…..
got some food with Nic’s Fam from the bay and ordered a movie on demand…

meanwhile, my Kaws 4 foot companions are spoiled…. along with my alarm system, they hold down the fort, so I hooked up 1 of them with an official Jesus Piece

man, I’m getting so close to having my crib to a decent level that I’m amped!

aite, so much to do, so little time….

back to jewels, back to grinding


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