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yes we do….

so I walked into my store yesterday to this

yep….. 1 for Steve, 1 for Junior and 1 for me!
wtf? I didn’t ask, I just took mine home….

So a client we got from the bay recently sent us some watches and from what he purchased previously, I wouldn’t have thought that he was gonna go this hard! you never know with people ever, so you just embrace your customers always unless they give you a super reason to. sometimes they spend $2,000 with you and then next thing you know they drop 20 racks…..

well…. he sent us his Cartier Santos 100 XL watches, they were plain and you could definitely tell they were used;
1 in yellow gold and the other in two tone gold/stainless steel….

and So after some IF and Co work…


straight up super tight machine set pave’ work! all VVS diamonds, everything looks identical to factory settings and each watch has over 6 carats of diamonds! this shit came out too clean! I want to say this is our best work on a watch to date pave’ setting wise. too clean!

enjoy AV!

next up…. a buddy of mine wants to sell his watch.
we did the bracelet for him (pro II band) and the rest he got done elsewhere….
over 30 carats of diamonds, Breitling Super Avenger fully flooded!
baguettes on the dial markers! EVERYTHING!


we’re letting this one go for less than our dead cost, so the price is low and the price is right!

serious inquiries hit up: INFO@IFANDCO.COM

speaking of watches….
I rarely post rolex’s, but yesterday I wore mine….

this is the only rolex I’ve owned since 2003 (my old submariner) and this is about 10 years old…. but much nicer than my previous Roley. I’ve owned 4 rolex’s in my life and this one might stay around for a while…. or I might slang this after a good cleaning and polish!


so back to some custom work…

a couple pieces we made for clients:


pretty heavy with the carats and even with the open gallery backing, this piece is got decent gold weight to it too!

and lastly….


since we’ve been making all these 1″ to 2″ custom pendants… he wanted to get in on the subtle classy clean pieces… this came out too clean!
can you guess who we made this for?


back to work
back to upgrades in my crib
still searching for the last 3 Kaws 4 Footers to complete my collection!


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