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must have a college degree.
(if you’re in college at a 4 year university, I may consider you, otherwise come with a good reason!)
must have a laptop and either blackberry or iphone (or at least a droid or legit web ready PDA device)
must have a reliable car and a valid drivers license.
must have common sense.
must obviously live in the LA area (213/323/310/818)
(please do NOT even inquire if you live outside a 15 mile radius from downtown LA. I don’t care if you’re willing to move from alaska)

inquire with resume at

will be driving around LA a LOT… must know Los Angeles well! and will be taking care of emails and maybe even updating blog posts here. trustworthy is a must as this business is not a joke, a single diamond mistake could cost you a car or house. knowing adobe illustrator or photoshop is a big plus! a perk from day one is, if you close a deal via email or through a referral by me or my cousins, you will get a commission off bat. that commission will be more than you make in a week working a retail job.

I put intern as you will gain knowledge and experience. I hate to fire anyone, but you will be fired inside 10 minutes if you can’t hang in the real world. If you are required to drive a lot, then your gas will be paid for and meals will be taken care of if you are working during lunch or dinner.

I have never ever posted something like this before. This will not be a cake walk, but I am a cool ass dude to work for…. it could lead to something big, it could lead to nothing at all. the choice is yours

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