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I’ll be gone for most of the day today, gone off to see the homey Mickey Mouse….

some basic things you should know.
if you want to book me to host a gig, host a mixtape, do a guest appearance in a video, etc etc etc…

if you have serious jewelry inquiries, contact INFO@IFANDCO.COM
I now have access to these emails directly where as before I didn’t want to have to deal with them because we can get sometimes 1,000 emails in 1 day. but now I will be answering them along with my cousins JR(NOT JEFF OR JUNIOR) or Jimmy.

our store hours are 10am to 7pm every single day of the year, BUT we are closed every last Tuesday of each month except December.

Sometimes I am at the store 5 days a week, but it’s not likely even though I used to be there every single day when we 1st opened up. Now I am there randomly to handle business, etc and I’m there only 3x a week usually at again totally random hours of the day.

thank you

PLEASE READ! I DO NOT HAGGLE PRICES, SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK! WE QUOTE A VERY LOW, COMPETITIVE PRICE OFF JUMP, SO THERE IS NO BACK AND FORTH, IT’S EASIER THAT WAY, SO DON’T ASK THINKING WE WILL BARGAIN WITH YOU, WE JUST SET THE PRICE AND IT’S FINAL. also, we do NOT have any competition in the south, no disrespect, it is what it is. when I say competition, let me clarify, QUALITY OF WORK and OVERALL BUSINESS. I don’t care if someone is making shitty jewelry for ringtone rappers or CO’s aka feds who are now rappers, I’m very proud of you. Our #’s and client list speak for itself.

also, I do NOT reply to comments often, if you have a serious question, just hit up the info email if it involves business, I’m going to set up a questions email and as soon as spam hits with any music related listen or download this bullshit, I’m deleting it. So be wise. I DO NOT CARE TO LISTEN TO ANY MUSIC, EVEN IF JAY Z IS TALKING ABOUT BEING A GAY LOVER OF DR DRE’S. I don’t give a shit. I don’t want to hear or have any music submitted to me ever.

thanks again.


oh and P.S.
Icee Fresh consists of: Me, my cousin & Icee Fresh co-founder Steve(who owns the other store Tiffany) and is also my business partner in IF and Co., my cousin and co-founder Jeff and Junior aka El Jefe and my other cousin Joe who works his ass off as does everyone else and Jimmy(designer), Karina, Sarah, Martha and part time my little cousin Jimmy and JR who answers the emails…. but we had to let go of a few team members for various reasons.

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