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So I could give a fuck about Lebron James, not because I have a serious family crisis going on right now, but because he hasn’t led his team to a championship ever and he’s supposed to be 1 of the greatest? I’m glad people in Cleveland are burning his jersey’s, shit’s sad. Ok, that’s all I need to say about that clown. Lakers will still beat down the Heat, I’m not trippin.

But my pops condition is stabilizing and his bilirubin levels are going down and they’re trying to get his kidney’s back into the game…. so they can operate. FYI, my moms and pops aren’t fans of western medicine, but this tumor is deep into the liver and isn’t the easiest to get out via eastern medicine, in fact, my family pretty much live by eastern medicine….. so we have a master from korea helping out when we can and doing things on the side to help and it’s been working…. bad news is that even with a successful operation in a few weeks, we’re just buying a few years…. but I’ll take it. He looked like he was in severe pain yesterday still, but stronger and held my hand with more strength. Thanks for the spiritual support everyone…

So last week, my boy Mark FATLACE sent me one of his 100% Fatlace x Medicom be@rbricks….
cool shit, I haven’t posted any pics in over a week, so here’s some of the new joint


SO back to more be@rbricks…. I mean BACK TO THE BIG DOGS! 1000%’S! Last week, I also got a 1000% hiroshi fujiwara matte black 1000% fragment x medicom be@rbrick sent to me from the homey FATLACE. These are actually hitting for a pretty penny right out the box…. thanks again Mark,


I finally found the shelves to build my bearbrick wall display, but now I gotta find the right person to install the shelves… I want them to sit flush and need a professional; the job won’t take longer than 1 hour and really just needs a power drill, stud finder and a leveler and we’re game on!

So after checking out my pops last night… me and my girl and Homicide ran through SA Studios to see my big homey Mister Cartoon…. He had some free time and to take my mind off of the stress going on, he offered to try to finish my back piece…. I got like 2 legit sessions left, but this was good because there’s a lot of shading that needed to be done. Toon’s got a heavy hand and loves to punish me for all the shit talking I make. smh….
got in a quick 2 hour session, but anytime you drop by to see cartoon, it’s a 7 hour ordeal… but always laughs, always fun!


I can’t believe I literally got 2 more visits (1 more severe shading session and then outlining the k-town vs. beverly hills theme and then finishing the themes and extras)
after that, Toons and Sal went off to hit the LA art wall and revamp that bad ass fucking LA piece. I’ll show some pics later when it’s done, but damn, what a sick remix it is!

THE OTHER DAY…. AS I WAS LEAVING MY CRIB IN THE MORNING… MY NEIGHBOR WHO LIVES ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME GOT GAFFLED LIKE HE WAS AT A MOTHERFUCKING RAFFLE! smh… I used to park my R8 on the street and not ever trip EVER! I’ve seen him park his “black series” CLK on the street too…. damn

it really is a recession…. they couldn’t even put cinder blocks up… smh

so as I left yesterday to go see pops again, THE CAR IS STILL THERE CHILLIN! smh

now the wheels are definitely worth like $3k on a quick come up… but damn, if they woulda got those big ass AMG brakes + calipers, then they coulda really came up! btw, he paid over $100,000 for this whip with all the options he got….. man, this sucks!

ok, bye

god bless,
thank you for reading, sorry for the delay
I’ll be sure to post some new jewelry and the stuff we made for 8 time olympic medal champion Apolo Ohno and other new things and also my pics from New York….

have a great Friday

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