illest x G-Shock x IF & CO

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I first met my boy Mark Fatlace in 2002 online off niketalk aka #NT and he was just starting to create and lay down the foundation for his brand….. now he’s got several stores here in the states and 1 in Japan and 2 well known brands: Fatlace and illest! both doing very well and he’s heavily involved and respected with tuned cars and has 1 of the sickest vintage skylines I’ve ever seen (use the search bar to find it on my blog)….. we’ve collabed on a few things and he’s always looked out for me. He has his own be@rbrick (100%) and now he just got his own G-Shock 6900…. I love the design of it by itself… but I had to go HAM on it and make it do what it needed to do. I got this last week for christmas as a gift and I didn’t want to waste anytime!
so check it out


like I said, it’s ill by itself…..

but 7 days later…


I had to throw on them VS bright lights on this bitch… cased in white gold and the watch is now ready for showtime!

I love how the illuminated light shows off the “ill” logo

and I just happened to be wearing my illest varsity jacket today

thanks again Mark

Mark has tons of more collaborations coming…. he has a set of BeatsByDre coming and has already done so many collabs with major brands like NIKE etc.

much love to all my Fatlace and illest fam… from LA to the Bay to Tokyo


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