ill belated b-day gifts from a a living legend

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so my mentor Mister Cartoon is in NYC right now killin shit for his periodic NYC Tattoo tour and some Casio G-Shock press…. but before he left, he gave me a few gifts….

now Cartoon knows how much I can’t stand NIKE and I rarely use the word, but this shit is hilarious

(click on image to enlarge)

the beautiful tag/autograph by mr C-Toons…


I remember when they got sued for using this on the original Cartoon AF1 and I thought those were literally the illest forces to date! also, when they still used leather on ALL their forces…. crazy how Marvel comics owns the likeliness of any spider web pretty much. fuckin nuts

but those ain’t shit compared to the Soul Assassins x Penny Hardaway 1 of 1’s lol

tagged by all my big homiez from Skid Row’s finest!

shout out to my big homey OG Lepke aka Frank Fizzle! been clean for over a year! congrats homes!

and nothing could beat this gift, not even from kaws or banksy….

a cartoon drawing of a penis by mister cartoon… smh, thanks Toons! lol

aite, got our 1st annual Platinum Motors Super Bowl party in Beverly Hills today at a private location gotta get champagne, food, drinks, etc…
have a great sunday y’all!

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