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we do make a lot more jewelry for women and we specialize in bamboo’s like no other shop, sorry NYC or any swapmeet or store that makes nameplated bamboo earrings, but we got you, actually we shit on you! we got every size possible and rare shapes, etc… we also have diamond pave’ hoops, bracelets, anklets, charms/pendants, necklaces and of course rings…

but we’ve been doing/making a lot more of the G-Shocks for women lately. We’ve done 6900 classic g-shocks for women before (i.e. paris hilton, dr. phil’s wife, etc) but more women are attracted to the 25th anniversary edition….. and now we are icing out the Baby G.
so here’s an example of the white VS round diamonds pave set onto 14k white gold with a pink face casio baby g-shock:

as you can see above, we are now tattooing our logo onto the watches to avoid anymore lies amongst other jewelers claiming our work, especially our g-shocks

fact: no other jewelry store has sold or made more g-shocks then we have. Jacob was the 1st to ice out a 6900, I have to give him that, he paved the way for us for sure…. we were 2nd on that tip, BUT we perfected it. we were the first to ice out 5 different types of g-shocks and nobody put 13 carats of VVS diamonds on a Frogman before….. no ego, no bragging, just tellin the truth.

for all you jewelers out there who show love and say we inspire you, peep game…. if people gave up after someone was 1st, then there’d be no Burger King after McDonalds….. there wouldn’t be Yogurtland after Pinkberry(asians know PB bit hard off red mango, but they executed it better)

peace and god bless.

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