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so I have to make an announcement to everyone.
the time has come to where I will not be making blog entries about my personal life in detail anymore. I have agreed to keep that to myself and family only. I had a great 5 year run with this and I will be sure to post some cool random things and jewelry, but not my trips and everyday outings or stuff like that. right now we are focused on making sure you have access to the best custom made jewelry in the world and that is right here at we will be adding items to our online store as well as some current inventory jewels that we think you would be interested in as well.

REMEMBER, just because you don’t see it on the store page, doesn’t mean it’s not available for sale! hit us up, we take custom orders 24 hours a day and we are in the process of also moving store locations to the west side by 2014.

my cousin James has taken on a big load of duties and will be handling a lot of the deals from this point on. of course with the guidance of me and Steve, but his job is to be the captain of the ship when we’re not around. He’s been doing a great job and James will also be posting some pics and things on here under his own account name.

thank you so much for all the love throughout the years and god bless!


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