if it ain’t broke, you must fix it…

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thats been my creed when it comes to new toys! sad…
I have lost 4 cameras in the last year already! yes, I just got back from out of town and lost my camera again! FUCK!

anyways, I’m preparing for this Mayweather fight and I’m seeing 65″ HD 1080p plasmas and lcd screens goin for dumb cheap! I remember when flat screen were $10,000 and I had to get one…. so anyways. I want to put the bedroom tv into the 2nd bedroom… then put the living room 58″ 1080p into the bedroom and cop a new 65″ or a 71″ so bad for this fight!
so unnecessary, but damn…. I want it, need to hit up Pete aka PGA to see if the Ajushi hookup is still active!

just blabbing… but if I don’t cop it… this 58″ gotta go up on the wall asap!

for the 1st time in a long time, I actually don’t wanna be back in L.A. the traffic 2day reminded me why I hate the city so much at times….

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