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Now I don’t want any of you guys to get confused here;
many of you have heard me bash some other jewelers and some “so called” jewelers for making pieces with silver or really my biggest complaint is them making pieces out of stainless steel or alloy OR with a crazy hybrid mix of metal that ain’t worth shit. THEN heavy rhodium’ing the pieces to pass off as gold. AND USE FAKE DIAMONDS AKA CUBIC ZIRCONIAS OR ZIAMONDS(not a real jewelry term) That is when I begin my shit talking….

well some of you may have heard of David Yurman; who is a jewelry company/designer who charges a lot of money and uses silver, BUT uses genuine diamonds on his products. WELL to adjust a little with the economy, we got in a few items to test out and seems as if we got something that beats out David Yurmans silver jewelry with diamonds…. 1. our quality of work and 2. our prices! (fyi, we’ve obviously made silver pieces with diamonds before with white gold rhodium for a tv show or photoshoot to save clients money, but NEVER to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. but if you wanted to play that bogus game, we’d kill you all in that too)

we PVD’d (sophisticated black plating) some sterling silver beaded chains and sterling silver crosses to see how they would turn out. and the cross shown below here has 10.5 carats in black diamonds! and the pieces came out looking RIGHT! but this is the catch…. david yurman charges basically the same price for gold if not higher with his silver work and we made these pieces for MUCH less than our usual pricing for our black gold pieces.

anyways, you be the judge of our first black silver project with black diamonds. the beaded necklace is also a great alternative for a chain for the alternate black jesus piece we make!
(click on image to enlarge)

again, this cross has 10.5 carats in black diamonds and is 3.5″ tall(with the bail) and 2″ wide; so this isn’t a small cross at all and with the necklace, this set up will cost you barely over a couple grand! which means you can truly ball on a budget!


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