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back to the jewelry and strictly the jewelry, this is what we do….

I wrote enough on the last entry for weeks, so here’s some stuff I finished up this past week.
man we are busy as usual…. I’m in the windy city and before I left, I had to ship some things out… all over the place.

this chain is going to Detroit, Michigan


the chain above is sooo cold. we have never ever made one with white diamonds before, because nobody really had the budget, it’s heavy and made in white gold with VS white diamonds and there are 52 beads, 4 rows of all prong set diamonds. kill the game type shit. that chain by itself is something else!

these chains were made for local cats getting it in…


I got respect for anyone who can manage their daily living expenses and then be able to drop major $$$ on some neckpieces for an independent label….. those are 2 solid ass 200 gram each francos along with a 250 gram pendant fully iced the fuck out with black, yellow and white diamonds…. props

this watch is going to NYC (for sneakerheads heavy in the game, you may remember this cat Roman234Life)


well this cat got himself a rare 5600 model carbon fiber solar panel g-shock direct from Tokyo, Japan before the madness that happened there, so we iced it out with 5 carats of black diamonds on the shell and another carat of black diamonds on the buckle.

thanks Roman

and speaking of solar panel?


I copped and extra eco car on sunday….. I got the 2011 Prius (package III) but with the navigation and solar panel roof which were the most expensive options, but fuck it, gas is getting close to $5 a gallon here and this car can make it to vegas and back on less than a 1/2 tank, not that I’m going to be driving there….

the bluetooth set up is really nice and iphone compatible with the fully bluetooth friendly mp3 player and also the direct ipod plug in and back up cam and so many other things, it isn’t very powerful, but it drives nice and if you don’t want to be noticed by anyone in LA…. then this is the car to be in lol.
shit 2 months ago, this exact car was going for $25,600 and there was maneuvering in the price and deals were to be made, but after what happened to japan, they said they might not see any new toyotas period until around december or later! wow! so it’s really bad all over the place….. not only that, LA/Cali has more prius’s rolling around than anywhere else! also with gas being so expensive, they’re just not cutting any deals on this car now…. this was a bit over $28,000 smh… but fuck it. all good. it’s done. its a cool car and if nic don’t wanna push it, she can push the 7. (which I think I may remix again)

and this is how I treated myself yesterday

you already know…. this single Goyard duffle bag is the price of 4 LV keepall 60 Duffles
don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself! Homicide is now gonna get every single color lol

p.s. on monday night, I had dinner with my lil homey Apolo and we ate at our usual K-Town spot with some of his olympic team members and a former competitor from Korea who holds gold medals and records in short track…. and of course Nic and AAO’s buddy Ian… good times, stomach was full!

yesterday, I caught up on my DMV DCMA AMC brother Benji at coffee bean on melrose for some good old fashioned coffee and conversation…. we sat down for about an hour or longer just catching up and talking shit…. was so good to see my homey, great to hear he’s doing so great and that his band just got their 3rd wind and are breaking out again! much love homey!

when Benji heard that I copped a Prius, he said “Bro, that may be the coolest thing you’ve ever done that I’ve seen” lol….. it’s aite

see you soon brother, much love to my entire DCMA AMC family….

okay folks…

I’m in Chicago… I’ll be back home thursday night….

peace y’all.

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