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I guess that’s why I hit a million views a month on here huh? I don’t think my lifestyle is that exciting to be quite honest… I live a decent life and I like to relax and chill; but lately betrayal has hit me and brought me back to my old ways…. but it just goes to show you that in desperate times, people do desperate things and honestly, I can’t say that I haven’t been a scumbag piece of shit in the past, but I’ve always been fair. sounds clashing or conflicting right? but at the end of the day, I truly play fair….. 2 + 2 will never = 7 ya dig?


I feel like I can’t trust anyone anymore. In the last 2 months, I’ve lost a close friend(still shocked, hurt & confused). Had to fire an employee who was basically family, we called him our cousin and he boldly stole from the store and lied to us and our customers, while we paid his bills, paid his car note and treated him sooo well!. Have fought constantly over the stupidest shit with Sasha when all I want to do is chill and relax and stay out of peoples way, while she would act crazy!…. but what bugs me out is that I see my boy Adam aka AM trying to do good by helping out some drug fiends because at one time himself he was a drug addict and it ends up back firing on him. while on the other hand, I’m not perfect, I’ve done drugs, I have a past, I cheated on girls, I know my ex had a past (never heard of her cheating while in a relationship), but I changed my lifestyle and grew up…(Sasha’s almost 31, you don’t think it’s about that time she grew up too?) and with that I tried to provide a better life for her…. after all that, I get disrespected to the utmost? Well “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” huh? Not that sinner, It’s either curtain call time or time to get shit into gear and learn your responsibilities!

As always, I roll with the punches, I brush off dust, bullets, whatever comes my way and keep it pushing. I thank everyone who’s emailed me and reached out, but my real friends who I can count on 1 hand have been here for me and I’m gonna take a little time to reflect and gain some ground and remain focused because I have too much at stake to lose and too many people depending on me to make shit happen for the rest of the year and on to 2010.

much love!

Trust is a foreign word to me now. I used to not believe in making people earn their trust, I’d give up trust from the start and if they fucked up, then they were cut off. Now it’s just a wrap period. I got a strong team that can hold me down til I leave this earth…
but I also want to let y’all know, just because 1 woman is bad, don’t mean all women are bad, I’m not on that type of shit y’all….

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