I hate the monday after a holiday!

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anyways…. I been bullshitting lately a lot! I’ve been lightweight nervous and overly stressed… I don’t think it’s the wedding that got me buggin, but it’s just a combination of a lot of shit that does!
Driving home from the OC didn’t help. I also hate that everything in orange county closes at 10pm or even earlier… hate that farmer shit! so 1st thing I’ve been avoiding is getting a parking permit for my place. I should just renewed via mail, but who goes to the post office anymore? unless you live in west hollywood, any LA county or beverly hills residents have to goto the same fucking place! ugggh… had a good sit down and heart to heart with my man Mark Sudack and after that, we caught up on mad shit from business to relationships to whats good with the team in NYC…. he agrees to come with me to the parking violations bureau…. and it’s a fucking movie inside!

don’t sleep, it took the employees behind the glass wall at least 10 minute per person easy!

anyways… on a positive note… we’re finishing up a few pieces and ICEE FRESH OPENED IT’S NEW DOORS TODAY! WITH THE FULLY REVAMPED AND REMODELED STORE FRONT!

come peep us out if you’re in the hood!
1600 w. Slauson Ave. booth b-2
LA, CA 90047
(323) 565-3435

I’ll take pics of the final look later…. but it looks great

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