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so yesterday was a normal day of work…. but after a few early meetings… I headed up to the Hills of Beverly to meet a client who I made a jesus piece for…. I had no idea who I was really meeting and when I found out it was the CEO/President of … I for some weird reason thought I was gonna be meeting a 5′ 7″ young white kid from Wisconsin smh….

but Q of Worldstar is def not white lol…..

but what he is, is a cool motherfucker. real straight to the point and understands the difference between what’s business and what’s personal…. I got to meet the main crew at worldstar and we chopped it up over some Fiji water….

he tried on his new yellow gold Jesus piece and was very pleased…. he had some nice jewels, but said himself, he’s not much of a big jewelry rocker…. but Q did have a new 2011 Rolex President with that clean ass diamond bezel! so he knows what time it is…. and we will be working on some more projects soon. him and his whole crew were real laid back and chill.

after that, Q showed me his new 13 year old sensation artist out of Scotland….. a kid named Bredan Macfarlane who is gonna be the next huge sensation…. he’ll be going after Justin Biebers spot but not really…. this kid is the 1 in a trillion type kid and is signed directly to Q’s worldstar label….. good luck with that, kid def got talent…. I see the swag change up from the first videos to after. salute

he had some HEAVY HEAVY hitter meetings all week and I know he’s going to continue making that bread.

thank you Q and the worldstar staff…. J, Tea, Apolo…. I’ll be seeing y’all real soon.


speaking of Bieber… I went to the studio last night to meet up with his stylist and team member ryan and took a pic of his new hillbilly not shiny at all gold cap

chopped it up with him and Kenny for a sec, then they had to scoop up JB and work on this studio stuff for JB’s tour….

much love to them….

just another boring day

I got something coming tomorrow that I can’t sleep over!

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