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really, I don’t. My life is boring, I’m over everything….. I just like to kick it… I don’t even want to work extra hard anymore…. I used to chase the millions and then once I actually made a million? I said fuck all this, I mean, I could obviously come up with a genius scheme if I put my brain to work outside jewelry because I know I have a billion dollar network, but there’s just so much congestion in everything. I’M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. I like my life, BUT I think others like or love my life more than I do. *WRONG MOVE* Love yourself, for real! Remember early on in my blog, I wrote, it’s easy to make a million dollars, but keeping it is a whole other story. (quoted from my former boss Dr. Dre) and speaking of a billion…. I texted my homey Travis aka Travie McCoy yesterday about how proud I am to see another cat who I met here on the internet years ago (#NT) off and he’d talk about his band Gym Class Heroes and how he was going to be famous, he just knew it…. well fuck bro, you definitely are and I told him I got the remix to his current smash hit and it’s called “I wanna be a GaZillionaire” so fucking bad….. lol.
he replied, well Bun B already did Trillionaire, so let’s get it! haha
all this while I was shopping for household cleaning products at Target yesterday smh…..

so anyways, Wed I had to get over to the Santa Monica Airport Barker Hangar where they were filming a big commercial with my homey Apolo…. had no idea who was in the commercial when I got there, but once I did arrive, I saw my homey BIG (what his friends call him since the early 90’s) aka Shaq Diesel…. I met Shaq in 1990 when he was up for the Wooden Award and got to play a quick pick up game with him… someone by accident tore his necklace that his grandma gave him and he left to go back to his room….. we ended up being cool from then on because I don’t think he played ball with many asians…. anyways, my boy Chicago aka Tony was in a movie with Shaq called Blue Chips and that’s when we connected again….. later on, Shaq got traded to the Lakers and from there, he was my homey for real…. won’t go into the crazy stories…. So I see Shaq on set and he’s like whatchu doin here? I said I’m here cuz of Apolo…. Shaq said, “be careful of Apolo, he’s a freak” lolololol. I KNEW IT! (JK) so anyways….. directing the video was an old friend and big director Brett Ratner, so it was fam all around…. the commercial also starred Venus Williams and Eli Manning and it was for a new Oreo Double Stuff cookie…. anyways, I kicked it for a minute and shot the shit with the homey’s…. Tony Robbins was there on set with his wife and it’s funny because Tony Robbins is the person who is one of the biggest inspirations to my mentor and big homey Mister Cartoon….. Cartoon will preach about Tony Robbins on a regular and break down his story and I personally think Mr. Robbins didn’t have anything directly to do with Cartoon’s multi million dollar empire, but if that inspires my boy, then I’m good with it….. I saw cartoon later that evening to finish the main portrait/back piece tattoo that’s taken me over a year to finish! I still have to add the left side city scene with cars, buildings, drank, my street in k-town, etc…. and the right side city scene which represents beverly hills now….. anyways. I had to grab Apolo’s franco chain and cross to color match the 14k and give it a more rich color with some gold rhodium….. so that’s why I came by, also, Apolo wanted a thicker chain for his dog tags and so we swapped out a heavier/thicker chain at my shop for him…..


I have no idea what the storyline of the commercial is, but I think Apolo looked so cute in that skater outfit. lolol smh…


my big homey and my little homey

Shaq’s size 23 kicks!

went to Apolo’s trailer and had to take a pic of his infamous skates….

outside Apolo’s trailer was Shaq’s SRT-8 charger with the widebody kit and the mean ass lip! I think my boy Herman from DUB had something to do with this whip….

might be more than a 7″ lip

what Apolo’s cross and chain look like now with the color matching…. (blackberry pic)

After I left the commercial and then was at the Slauson for a little bit, I headed out to ship out a few of those Gucci Digital Watches that everyone has been emailing us about…. we finished some new styles…


we made a yellow diamond gucci watch with the big donut bezel….


we also made a cognac colored diamond gucci donut bezel, but didn’t ice it out completely… just did the bezel for a lighter budget


we fully iced out a black gucci joint by request…. we custom made a affordable black diamond band


normal 5 carat white diamond gucci with the red band

and speaking of #NT earlier….

you gotta be a real asshole…. but there are tons of them out there lol
Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales haha
it’s a big piece!


remember that invisible princess cut cross we made Apolo? well we made another one for a friend but in 14k white gold…. VS stones, so clean!

so later Wed night…. I headed down to Skid Row to see my Soul Assassin family….
and to finish my back piece… finally!
shout out to Cartoon, Estevan, Sal, Marco, Victor and the homey Danny Trejo was there chillin too….

I will not continue to finish finish the back piece as I want it to be until 2011 because I want to get a little tan and enjoy my summer and asia trip

so I got home around 2am, went to bed at like 3am which was really fucking stupid because….

I woke up after blinking my eyes for sleep….
went to pick up Apolo and damn I was tired… it was hot up there, I didn’t have a hard time because we did the easy route, but Apolo and his boy Ian ran up the trail all the way passed the main top area where the bench is and kept going onto mulholland and even made a left to a blocked off dirt trail and then ran back down! LMAO! sheeeeiiuttt!!!!!
so there’s also another high road trail which sucks! but when I saw on the internet where Apolo trained and hiked in Colorado during his hay days, I was like FML! DAMN!!!
anyways, we went down the dirt trail with the stone steps and stuff real easy and I think it was because we were there with an Olympic Champion and his energy permeated ours in the car ride over? lol


fyi, they’re both standing on a rock that is like 7″ higher than the ground lol…. pee wee never gets tired when we go to runyon!

again, Apolo on top of that rock lol

so we leave runyon, I take them back to the hotel…. me and Nic then hit Nate and Al’s to get some breakfast…. we end up sitting next to Larry King haha!
we went back to the house to shower and then headed downtown because I had to get something lasered onto Apolo’s tags….. downtown even on a friday around 11am is dead these days and thats fucking sad! it used to be so packed, it was ridiculous! anyways….. seen the downtown legend Mosey by his shop and then his son my boy Shayan running around Hill st scheming on his master plan lol.

after that, we hit the Alley for shits and giggles…. I saw so much fake shit, it was crazy…. I mean, we started this diamond G-Shock movement which I’m sure most of you already know, but damn! they had crazy cheap fake diamond gshocks that didn’t even have cubic zirconias…. they had diamond cuts! smh…. seen fake ipods that looked identical to the ipod, I mean, I saw fake sunny delight smh…..

so then we headed to Target (I know really am I writing this in my blog?) haha….
then went back to the hotel to meet up with Apolo for a very late lunch…. shot the shit and talked about next levels and things….. went back home and took a nap…

apolo took this pic of me thinking it was funny…. surprise! it’s not funny…. it was fucking hot outside yesterday by the pool…. this is my shade trick

later me and Nic hit Nikki’s in Venice Beach for a birthday party and ran into some old school friends…. which is when I realized for the 94th time that I am an old fuck and hate being in a club….

when we got back to my place, I was hyped… why? BECAUSE JERSEY SHORE WAS ON MY DVR! THE SEASON 2 PREMIERE AND OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS! I got something to look forward to for a few months! haha

PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE THIS TO THE FUCKING LAME FAKE KOREATOWN REALITY SHOW THAT HASN’T BEEN PICKED UP OR EVEN SHOT YET FOR TELEVISION (only reason why I’m bringing this up here is because some of you momo’s keep writing or leaving links to the show like it’s new news or like I wouldn’t know or be asked to be involved in something that’s going on in my backyard, cmon mang…. you have to shoot a pilot, then shop it around… they’ve been denied by all the major networks so far so it seems… but there is still G4, spike tv or even HULU maybe? ….. that’s why some of this reality tv shit is so gay, I have a sizzle reel and I shot a pilot but after I got a deal with a major network…. they shot their own pilot and IF they get picked up, they’ll have to begin shooting… so until then the shit tyrese is doing is almost suicide for their show, shit is waaaaay too forced from the stories I hear and I can’t begin to colorfully describe or be specific and unique with my words on how bad a look this will be. I mean, they could witness an actual murder on camera and it wouldn’t get ratings. at best, it’d be like the artist who’s label bought all the units/cd’s to get them a gold album plaque when in actuality, they didn’t earn it righteously and they lost money, not make money spending on marketing to get a gold record)

p.s. THE END haha
have a great weekend y’all!

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