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for real though…. inside my mind even though I know I didn’t want to celebrate another year getting closer to 40, I had at least the idea that I was going to get out and do something! but that was a negative after all. I did get to see my family 2 nights in a row which was great and more than I could ask for.

me and James aka Proh from FM had a night planned for all our b-days aka January’s Very Own lol. James and Kevnish and me all have our bdays in January…. so we obviously hit up K-Town for dinner…. we almost walked into the new Boiling Crab in K-Town as a friend of all of ours works there, but we felt that we needed to BBQ some kogi….. and drink some SoJu. I think this is the 1st break in a long time for the guys since the huge wave of success hit hard…. and we went to this spot So Hyang in Koreatown where FM shot part of their G6 video….


food was good, service was excellent! haha, they musta played Free Wired around 3x in it’s entirety throughout our dinner and everyone from the cooks to waitresses and manager came by to take pics…. me being the 5th member, I even signed and autographed everything they did lol. We chopped it up about everything and stories etc… then we tried to figure out where our next move was and damn…. we got stuck for a sec

K-Town ain’t what it used to be… I mean don’t get me wrong, it’ll pop off, but on a thursday night a few years ago, it would be somewhat tough to find a table at the local club and I guess the economy had hit our hood tough and shit was dead pretty much everywhere

Proh trynna get it poppin!
we finally head over to palm tree and it’s fucking dead as shit too…. same shit, got given a hard time by security on ID’s and even the manager was buggin on JSplif lightweight… took down some pineapple patrons and shook and as we were walking out, those same employees, asked to take pics lol…. I guess my cousin was there with 2 guys from IF and Co, but I didn’t see them and didn’t find out until the next day….
then we shoot over to VR and it was dead as fuck and same exact story, but I bowed out gracefully and just appreciated the company and time with my little homey’s….

I think I went to bed early around 1:15am

so on Friday, I had promised Nic we have a date night starting at around 5pm after I finished up any work I had…. but not before I had some of the world’s best and the world famous pancakes from Du-Pars…. ran into my cousin Steve there before both of us headed into the store….
we’re making some things on the custom end, but most of our sales are for Valentines Day…. OH WAIT. the rapper YG (toot it and boot it) got a CRAZY chain being made right now….
Friday Night, me and Nic hit Sushi Roku to check out the whole remodeling, but it wasn’t anything drastic, food was good though…. ran into an old friend who is the hostess there and my boy Christian runs that joint along with BOA and Katana and a few other spots, so we were ultra VIP without even expecting anything…. the sushi is always good and we got a special japanese tapas taco that was pescatarian friendly to Nic…. after that, we were gonna rush over to Century City to see “The Company Men” but I swear to god we’ve been super lazy….. so we opted out and watched “STONE” with robert deniro and edward norton instead at home on HD stream and it was fucking awful…. it was painful to see both those actors play in such a shitty movie smh….. again, bed early

woke up, headed down the street to this dealership where I got my bentley flying spur from and hated going there to get my car serviced because the place was filled with blue bloods who treated me like my name was Eli Porter…. and as I’m checking out some whips, nothing special…. I hear these youngsters talking about Cars and things and one of them is holding a sheet with numbers printed out on it and he says to his boys very loudly…. “YO! I GOT APPROVED! $25,000 down! and just over $2,000 a month for 120 months!” and his boys are hyped too and I thought I was dreaming to myself like wtf? 10 years? DAMN! that car won’t even be relevant in 4 years maybe less…. what he was getting was a 09 lambo lp560 and he emphasized the 120 payments of 2 G’s like they were summer school days smh…. so that was my call for exiting the dealership and said F it….

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I’m participating in a AFI film for a students thesis about gangster life in koreatown….. the directors name is IL CHO and his past work that I have seen is amazing! while USC film school maybe one of the schools a lotta people want to go to, AFI is as well, but is more prestigious overall. IL approached me while I was having coffee and desserts with Apolo in KTown and next thing is we started to talk about shots for the movie and discuss the lifestyle and more…. the movie is called JIN and I thought it was going to be a silent movie lol…. until I got to the rehearsal and found out I had a few lines….. the main actor in the film is this kid Justin Chon who you might have seen in the movie Twilight and the whole Twilight Series….I didn’t know he was korean and I was impressed on how soft spoken dude was and that he was one of the owners of The Attic in OC and still trippin on him being korean haha…. now he’s cooler, but to be honest, I never knew who dude was.


so we ran through the lines and played with toy guns and then it was time for me to meet up with my brother and sister and family at Versailles for a bday dinner….

it was dope to run past AFI as I used to dream of going there after I graduated high school and wanted to be a director….. also brings back memories of my childhood because next door was Immaculate Heart and I used to go to summer school there because my sister went there and it was an all girls school, except for the summertime and I was 1 of 3 guys who went there for summer school….. but a lotta girls, 1 who was Tyra Banks (crazy ramble huh?)

so I meet up with my family, it’s all love… the boys are getting bigger, the girls are becoming grown women inside a matter of hours smh….
and after that, I opened some small gifts… 1 a sculpture of a fish and the other, some black glitter/sparkly chuck taylors which really are too fresh!

now these are joints I need to rock on the floor of the staples center… that is right after I change the laces to black!

while I was downloading the most addicting games on earth (Angry Birds and Cut The Rope) Apolo was headed out on a private jet to an undisclosed destination…. much love to Mark over at JET SUITE who hooked it up for a very very good price to fly PJ….

I’ll be blogging soon about my experience with this jet company…. from what Apolo told me, he loves it and he’s flown on private jets more than I have…. but I’ve flown on a jet that I think rivals Air Force I lol…. at least in luxury it kills it!

so I think me and Nic played Angry Birds for at least 3 hours! and I also watched that new show on A&E called “HEAVY” and damn…. damn,

Sunday morning, I woke up to head over to another dealership to check out some whips….. and I think we got something to add to the garage…. meanwhile
I was going downstairs to the garage and I think about how fucking crazy my garage used to look like over the past 6 years…. I mean here’s a few pics, but these aren’t even all the pics of what it looked like downstairs on an everyday basis until around late 2009


crazy shit…. I mean I had 4 parking spaces and 2 motorcycles…. now I don’t even have a bike anymore or an exotic whip… all that money has gone into my business and rainy day fund

so I’ll show you guys pics soon of how crazy 360 degrees my car game has gone lol…. my 7 is still mean and is the meanest white 7 I’ve seen around

just in case y’all forgot what it looked like
I may either remix the 7 with new wheels or get rid of it completely… I don’t know; this is the type of shit I do when I’m bored.

so anyways…. my girls mom and brother had a bbq yesterday and I love bbq’s!


as I was going through their fridge…. I found this

haha! nawwww mane…. I had a bday dinner with my moms so I couldn’t be burping up some crazy shit and be super full before seeing her….

btw, I predicted Packers vs. Steelers on my personal FB page and on my twitter feed early before the games started and y’all already know #GREENANDYELLOW superbowl is what it will be….
I’m real excited for my lil homey’s Ryan Grant and Charles Woodson to make it to the bowl, but sad my fam RG isn’t playing due to his injury…. but the 2nd time Wood is in the superbowl and hopefully this time, he leaves with a ring! also, I love the Raiders (Lakers, Raiders, Dodgers) but my 2nd team in the NFL would be the steelers…. I love that gangster image, so this will be a great superbowl!

I’m hyped!

so my mom took me and my sister out for our annual bday dinner and she decided to take us to Ruth Chris Steakhouse…. man, I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I don’t love steak as much as I used to… fucking crazy! I never thought I’d see the day when I wasn’t excited to eat steak…. but I rarely eat it, maybe had steak like 6 times this past year and previously I had steak at least 3 times a month! I mean, Peter Lugers is great, but I won’t be hitting that spot this week when I’m in NYC and all in all, even from the best Kobe Beef in Tokyo… I still enjoy Mastro’s Bone in Filet the best and the Beverly Hills Mastros > any of them in OC….


I almost missed out on the cake because I was watching the Jets try to make a comeback on the steelers…. but it was curtains for them and they’ll be watching the game instead of being in it
and the cake was actually really good, but a little rich; btw, I’m not the biggest fan of cake or cupcakes, I like them, but I can’t do too much…. I like that cheap vanilla cake with chocolate frosting at the grocery stores…. or ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins…. not a fan of fancy desserts at all. I love chocolate instead…. gimme a twix or skor or kit kat! haha and a mexican coke!
did I mention that for the last 3 nights me and Nic have been trying to watch a movie? ever since we got this LED TV, we just don’t leave anymore, smfh!

so I gotta get some work in and get mentally ready for this week as I’m headed out to the freezing ass east coast. up til around a year ago, I wouldn’t be caught in any weather under 50 degrees period… not even for a $10,000 check which was offered to me a few times in the past 10 years and I always avoided it because I hated it…. but now I have to go for different reasons…. 1. I can’t afford to pass up on checks and 2. I’m hyped for this new project I’m working on for Brisk Influencer program….
I can’t get into too much detail really, but I’m going out there to check out on some top secret things going on with Brisk and also their new Claymation series with Danny Trejo and Ozzy Osbourne and I’m going to make sure I document my entire trip for sure…. while freezing my ass off!
much love to SA Studios and ID Agency who make sure I’m always involved in dope projects like this Brisk program will be! looking forward to next weekends blog about the new project!

grind time


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