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while the hipsters and majority of folks I wanted to avoid were out at coachella, I enjoyed a nice calm L.A. and had a house warming party… small, like 40 people and their kids and it was a great time. I haven’t hosted anything at any home I’ve lived in with that many folks and it wasn’t even a problem… hired a taco catering business to cook right there; we had a lot of apps and snacks and liquor and even that medicinal

I want to thank most of Nicolettes friends and family for coming because most of my friends were out working…. but still all good. my immediate family showed up and that was cool because I have never had a family gathering at any of my cribs before.


while big momma was outside in my backyard doing her thing…. we were in the living room watching the LAKESHOW handle their biz vs. the mavericks….

I think I’m going to head to vegas next week to check out my boy Floyd train and then maybe have to watch the fight at the crib instead of going this time because Nic is very pregnant and can’t be around that craze for the fight… if it was pacquiao, then she’d no doubt come out smh lol

shout out to the cats at BOXED WATER! who showed love and catered our party with their amazing new water!


their water is actually so much better for the environment and tastes great! if you ever get a chance to try it, TRY IT! read everything about it too right here —->

my boy Russ aka SSUR had a gallery showing event at Known Gallery this past weekend and shit was dope!!! here’s one of the highlights from the event….

SSUR is super OG status, been around forever before street wear was poppin like that and is still around… he made those “COMME DES FUCK DOWN” tees and hats that are live right now! much love RUSS!

back on the jewels….

stepped up to Rose gold aka Pink Gold.


“the big face roley, yeh I got 2 of those!”
the rose gold with the champagne dial is whats up right now!
also, can’t wait to break out my new yellow gold president day date II next week either!

you already know we bringing the heat… I got 4 chains in motion right now that are stupid! should have 1 of them done this weekend…. making a new chain for Dwyane Wade right now too…
but here’s some highlights that I already posted on the blog, but different shots.

yep… ridiculous… TMZ just hit me up about these and are now gonna run a story about them…

my boy Dillon really hurt some feelings with this joint here…. popped up on fairfax yesterday and hurt a lotta cats with that really REAL tell me how you feel pendant!

shout out to my fam Karen Civil over at Beats by DRE for my new pair of David Guetta MIXR Beats headphones!

these shits look crazy! can’t wait to use them!

and last but not least, shout out to my boy HUF!

he laced me with the stupid ill care package!
the weed 4/20 socks & boxers are crazy! and the kicks are dope too!
thank you keith!

so I gotta get back to work and head to this meeting at Supra… your boy is gonna fuck around and get back with his fam! not that I ever had any beef with them because that’s my folks, but it’s time to get back to business with my KR3W!


burger steak, chicken joy and a Dr. Pepper? mannn
and I’m still at 173lbs! all I gotta do is lose 10 for the summer and I’m straight!

I’m down to 37 applications or resumes.
I will get down to 10 by the weekend and make calls.
I do need cats who can type well and fast!

peace y’all….

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