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starts off with me eating….
and then it ends with me eating!

man…. Fred Segal’s (Mauros) for lunch? what?
me and Homicide used to live there weekly for lunch….

but as of late, my usual weekly habits or spots have changed… I don’t even know why.

man, the pesto linguini and the steamed asparagus, mushrooms & zucchini in garlic and olive oil?
I love to eat…..

later in the day after work…. said fuck it and went even extra extra harder!

we had dinner in the restaurant inside the Sunset Tower Hotel? fuck your life

the actual restaurant and bar area used to be Bugsy Segal’s apartment! how fucking gangster is that? literally?
it doesn’t get better….
while we sat down, I saw Lionel Richie inside about to have dinner a few tables over and he came over and gave me a big ass hug and chopped it up right quick…..
then we all sat down and WE ALL GOT IT IN!


I think I took a bite out of everyone else’s entree’ including the chicken pot pie…. smh

we even got dessert! smh, we even ordered extra desserts and took them home!

the dinner wasn’t cheap, but what nice restaurant is?
we didn’t get super dressed up, but we were all on our grown up shit…. the best thing about the spot is that there wasn’t anyone under the early 30’s eating there!
I mean, I love eating out, I love eating in, I don’t know how I did it last year and especially the year before with that crazy diet…. I can’t believe that was me. less than 50 carbs total each day! for over a year! smh

took some kush rolled in some backwoods and some wine and was on our own mini vacation

saturday started with a very fucked up part of the world news dropping info on the tsunami…
I won’t spend too much time on the topic as it’s all over, I just don’t even know what to say or how to feel… we’re talking people who weren’t bums or homeless and had generations of family belongings….. to now having nothing, but the memories. I mean business’s with financial records, banks, etc… all their back up data is gone. the back ups are gone! computers, cars, boats and all the shit that means something those people in japan are gone. God’s plan is god’s plan. sucks. I mean, some people get all bugged out when bad things happen to them and I know a lotta good people who have done bad shit, but for the most part are straight and narrow and live a decent life now….. but that shit don’t mean that bad things can’t happen to them.
I always hear, what did I do to you? what did I do to deserve this? wtf? a gang of bad shit has happened to me, charge it to the game, you can fight it and argue with yourself until your sick literally, but shit will do no good…. chalk that up as an L homey. just because you treated someone good or even great, does not guarantee you will get shit on…. it could be from a decade ago when you fucked over someone’s sister, or it could be just your time for bad luck…… if you never did shit to anyone, then I consider that having credit for later lol. shit does not ALWAYS happen for a reason. I hate that saying…. but I’ll pray for these people in japan. so sad!

I got to my store to grind it out a little bit….
my homey Jordan wanted to have something made for a project he was working on and we finished it in 4 days…. woulda been faster, but he wanted extensive laser work

before the black….. yes we made a “GET OUT OF JAIL, FREE” CARD in solid gold!


this is just silly…. he’s gonna keep it in his wallet…. some asshole that was browsing outside my store saw it when I was taking pics and asked me “does that really work if you get stopped by the pigs?” smh
I couldn’t get great shots of it because it was so shiny.
but only a real dick would get this made along with other things and have it made in real gold.

speaking of gold….
to the genius’s who speak about ballin? or am I not? or what I drive…..
all that shit is in the past…. you know what else is from the past but is still chillin in my safe?


look how big it is compared to my cousin Jeff’s big ass head!

now this is what you call STUNTING! this IS bragging….. you know why?
because this was not made to sell to anyone in particular, it was made just to let cats know that we got the jewelry game down and nobody is fucking with us. there is nothing fake on this piece, all real diamonds, yellow princess cuts several hundred! all invisibly set…. and then another 100+ carats of glacier blue diamonds pave’ set to make the pacific ocean…..
yeah, that’s ignorant shit…. that could be a S65 + CL65 with rims on each whip combined or a rolls royce drop head…. or maybe just a HOUSE AROUND MY NECK!

I don’t know what my cousin wants to do just yet…. but maybe we do melt it down. the damage is done. nobody is trippin over here. was it dumb? no, yea? maybe? who cares…..

and now on a smaller level of gold….


we made a 14k yellow gold with white diamond face for a black and gold g-shock (6900 model)
this was just made for the store and is for sale…..

and then with the buddha bracelets… 


I got the tiger eye beads from the Philippines…. and then added some solid yellow gold beads with our logo lasered on them and had them strung by our person downtown….
just for fun, why not……

so later on in the night I hung out with a few of Nic’s bridesmaids….. we all got drunk (minus me)

and then sunday, I spent the early part of the day with my moms….

then the rest of the day with my girls family and Nic’s mom made me Salpicao which was god damn delicious! and they worked on some things…… while I shook off for a sec looking for a stainless steel toaster and returned some bullshit I bought for the ipad, but won’t really work for the new ipad2

was so damn tired that I almost couldn’t make it back to Nic’s parents crib…. so Nic had to drive us all the way back home…. then I passed out for a little bit… bought “The Man From Nowhere” aka “AJUSSHI” on HD digital download and didn’t even watch it because I was so shell shocked off more personal footage of the Tsunami in japan smh…..

we were gonna try to go see Hall Pass, but couldn’t get it together…..
so I caught up with my homey Bee aka mr. belvedere ambassador for a second….

when I got home… I got some freshly made filipino spaghetti that Nic’s mom made for me and heated it up….

told you I ended the weekend eating! extra banana ketchup mangggg!!!! thass my pavorite!

I got a pretty open week, other than a funeral thurs and then straight to Vegas Friday for Rob Kardashian’s bday party at JET….


make it a great day


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