holiday stress…. Rose’ magnum is best

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I’m the type of cat who is about overall hygiene… thank god that I don’t ever and never had body odor in my life…. I know you can still be dirty without smelling, but I’ve given up that OCD factor this time in my life….

Stress means less sleep more on my mind, not necessarily constant working, but working my brain and straining my eyeballs and worrying about things when honestly, I’m not broke, I got enough, but I have duties to fulfill and my job tasks often are unpredictable….

Now there are different types of people on this earth.
there’s the ones who complain about having too much pride or class and would rather be broke and have a lot of class. THROATCHOP to those motherfuckers period… you’re as bad as lazy broke folks in my book. Now if you’re trying to find a job and are a hard worker to begin with or are at least truly willing to break your neck and back for a check? different story…. but I’m talking about the people who would rather miss court or a check and take a shower when there isn’t any time for a shower because deep inside they know they don’t smell, but are so self conscious about themselves that they worry someone else will notice they didn’t when nobody will. ritard(1 syllable word)

I rather be classy in my own mind, then stressed or fighting with others while depending on others because I wanted to sit in a hot shower and lather myself up with lotion and take an 45 minutes to get ready then make sure the car, rent/mortage and heat were paid for…. because I missed court? now you face potential jail time or probation? you simple motherfucker.

now on the other hand, I’m not saying to go out there and take off your clothes and have NO MORALS…. just saying, there is a fine line and age comes into factor to; not to mention this tough economy, bad and tough? I call this economy the 1979 pittsburgh steelers or the OG John Madden Coached Raiders… smh
career or love? fucked up call… age can play a big factor too…. someone like Rihanna? she chose the career and said love you Chris, but I gotta keep it pushin, we’re young, it’s all good… it can be done, but time does tell all. I know 1st hand that time tells it and heels it…. but the only thing is, how much time do you have? I’m not rushing… but I’m also not wasting… I’m trying to stack!

where am I getting at? I’ll tell you right now. I have a lot of stress due to the fact that there are a lot of people who depend on me. I wish that I could have less stress and less people depending on me, but if you depend on me… THEN DO YOUR PART! if it’s a job or if it’s anything where you need to pitch in, do your part and understand that If I’m stressed, it will trickle down to you depending on how bad I’m stressed… and when I fuck you, it’s gonna hurt. at the end of the day just do your job period, complain to your masseuse later and be happy you’re working. I could be the guy to pass my stress and say fuck you and deal with it, but I gotta make sure things are supervised because 1 wrong is wrong period. I can’t have that.

so you can tell yesterday was busy huh? yes… we’re closer to finishing jobs and today is the last day of this gshock sale…. to give you an idea of how much people saved…. a watch I had was sold for $4,500, it’s gone… so now if someone orders that exact watch, I’m gonna bill them $6,800. shit ain’t a game. I tried to tell you folks, but I also understand that this is a luxury item and not everyone has money to blow. just giving y’all a closer opportunity to afford a piece from us. thank you regardless.


I made 2 deliveries and had to ship out things early… and need to ship more watches out today…
as I was walking out of one of my dearest clients home, I saw this…. didn’t see it walking in


lol, shit was picture and blog worthy…. especially outside of a 3+ million dollar crib

after all that, I did what? yup…. a chinese chicken salad as my 1st meal of the day yesterday at 6pm! damn that’s like 5x in a week I hit CPK! After that, I returned a sweater upstairs I got from bloomies because the polo on an all black sweater was purple and it was fucking with my head….

then I headed over to a fine local wine shop and copped a MAGNUM of that Rose’…. to this day I have not seen a magnum sized nectar imperial rose bottle before… not on the menu at XS or any club in LA or NYC…. so I had to do it…. fuck it. I am going to enjoy drinking this with my loved ones tooo much….. there are many more expensive rose’ champagnes out there, but none besides Dom Rose’ taste this good!

I remember the 1st time I seen Moet Nectar Imperial Rose’…. Jim Jones and Jeezy were drinking it and I was like that shit looks ghetto and prolly tastes awful(hater) and then I tried it and shitttttttt…….. not only is it delicious, it’s so damn cheap(for fine champagne) you can get a magnum of this for around $150 to $200 at your local fine wine shop if they carry it…. otherwise it’d be around $800-$1000 in a club… much better than paying $2600 for Dom P Rose’ magnum in a club huh? you remember my 36th bday party pics? where I popped 6 of those magnums along with 6 other bottles? smh


my girl got in late last night and mannnnn…. had separation anxiety, but it was good to get a lot of work done and I still got a lot left to do, but glad to have her back… I wasn’t going to NYC, fuck that! freeze and not make my $$$$?

don’t forget this saturday is the food truck battle… I’ll post more info again soon

and don’t ever forget that I’m still the KING OF CALI AND THIS JEWELS SHIT! (blackberry pic lol)



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