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sorry y’all… I know I was gonna post part 2 of my new 7 series transformation… but the rain is so fucked up here, I don’t wanna really post up shitty pics; well really shitty pics, I may wait til the weekend. the final stage of the car will be done by the evening of my bday the 27th….

anyways, the rain is so fucked up that I heard tomorrow will be the 1st RAIN DAY for kids in school… my nieces don’t have school tomorrow due to all the crazy flooding and land slides, etc from all this rainfall. I personally fucking hate the rain (hate is a very strong word, ultra strong and I try not to use it, but it goes hand in hand with how I feel about cold weather). so my east coast peeps have SNOW DAYS, we have rain days…

Back to my car, I will say this. after painting the roof moldings and the side marker moldings and rear tail light moldings, shit already looks much better…. the M-Sport body kit and painted mesh and kidney grills are killer! dropping off the car on monday to get it finished!

I was working and of course I logged onto twitter and saw that I had 23,000 tweets! I WAS LIKE HOLD UP, WTF? that shit can’t be right. I started to actually bug out a little bit. (lame you’re thinkin right? like who fucking cares huh?) Well I won’t lie, I don’t have much of a life except work, chillin and driving/traveling, but I ain’t on the computer or my phone sending 175 tweets a day! I started my account in late Dec of 2008 and actually someone opened it up for me so my name wouldn’t get jacked (thanks Brian) and on days I’m really chatty and replying to everyone, it’s like 75 on a crazy high day! so my dumb ass spent over 6 hours today and tonight trying to count the tweets I had since Jul. (twitter for some reason wouldn’t let me get past that month) and I was like yeah, okay this shit is wrong, give or take a couple hundred maybe. but 23,000???? FUCK NO! hell naw!
so I tried in those 6 hours to find customer service or support for twitter and they don’t have dick for that….. they have some bullshit help forums, but no way to contact them(smart I guess) but I started googling shit and finally! came accross a forum/blog where people had like 850 tweets showing as their total twitter count and were complaining because they actually have tweeted over 18,000 times. (wtf? I woulda been like cooooo. smh at these cats) so I seen you can check your real twitter count by going to and make sure you google search it first, then “CACHE” check it to see your real twitter stats!
well, that shit gave me peace of mind finally…. I knew I couldn’t have sent out no damn 17,000+ tweets in 4 months! because I remember in September of 2009, I had like 5,000 or something tweets TOTAL! (again, some, I mean most of y’all are like is this fucking asshole ben really ranting about a tweet count, YES I AM, I GOT MORE SENSE THAN TO SEND 6 TWEETS PER HOUR FOR EVERY SINGLE HOUR IN A DAY FOR 4 MONTHS STRAIGHT! FUCK YOU!)

anyways, thank god! I actually only have 7,500 tweets!
had to double check!

ain’t nothin changed but the weather for real… we’re still grinding down at the store….
I love that I get calls daily from friends and colleagues telling me stories about jewelers hating on me or getting mad butt hurt and sour faced when my name comes up regarding jewelry.

p.s. I really spent that much time on figuring out that I wasn’t a super twitter whore. smh! I shoulda used that time to send in my order for L-R-G’s Spring 2010! man L-R-G spring line is crazy! gotta get down to the office after this shitty weather and blog spring 2, because I’ll have spring 1 sent to me this week! thanks and sorry Jesse for the delay.

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