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Just got home, went straight from LAX to the gym to work off the toxins…. Sorry blog readers, I went through it! sheesh! What was supposed to be an 18 hour adventure, turned into a 41 hour disaster; lightweight, I’m being dramatic….
Started out at the bar at LAX on the way to McCarron(las vegas) and I met someone… lol. THEY DON’T CALL ME THE RELIEF PITCHER, I’M THE CLOSER! you know this D! you know this A! hahahaha, what was that? inside 40 minutes? let’s just say my plane ride to vegas was one of the BEST EVER!
so we touch down and head str8 to our hotel…. Ahmad, does it B.I.G. always, shit WE do it B.I.G. always lol. so we go to our 2,000 sq foot suite that we spent maybe a total of 6 hours in the entire trip we were there. well, I spent a little more time in the room then they did. hahahaa
they gave us room # 911 because Ahmad is a terrorist

we had a total of 10 flat screen tv’s and 4 bathrooms, so unnecessary. lol


so we head to eat dinner @ Delmonicos (Emril’s restaurant) and let me just start out by saying, I’ve had a better steak at the Rio Hotel in room service. Food was awful, they comped the meal and tried to make excuses…

we did a little shopping, then headed to Lavo. Let’s just say we did it costco style, no mini or normal sized bottle popping, we did the magnum Dom P, 1.75 of Goose and a bottle of Patreezy of course. In my head I can’t stop thinking of Prodigy’s rhyme “mom’s like you need to see the AA, betta hope they help yo ass out on the same day! BUT never that, I got the shakes so I need that, son called me stressed out, I just be that! when it comes to Patron, I just need that, so fuck the feedback! (you can blame YY for my alchy behavior)
btw, it was just us, the Oceans 3 (D, AA, BB) and what a surprise that breezy’s hit our table like they were linebackers and we was quarterbacks. my fam DJ VICE was on the wheels and he was bumpin JAMS! and while it was raining outside, we were making it rain inside. LOL…
All I know is I don’t know how I got back into my room, we hit the Bank after Lavo and then Drai’s and then I think we got back to the room @ 6am or so…. shit IT STARTED SNOWING IN VEGAS! so we woke up at 10am to catch our flight which was delayed (we didn’t find out until we got to the airport of course, none of us was smart enough to actually check the flight status) then later the flight was canceled!
I can’t even remember everything, we just went hard. and then, we headed back to book our room again…. and Last night, ummm, I won’t post the details. here. lol

you gotta have Anytimes, it’s a must!


Ahmad’s ok, but his watch is SICCCCCK!


did you actually think I wouldn’t post pics of sparklers? haaa


since I can’t rock Magnum condoms, I had to rock the Magnum Dom P


at this point, I was outta my mind

she stole my “TK society” glasses….

so I got my pervert pic on. lol

man… the recession looks like it’s hit Vegas hard…. shit was slow everywhere
I’mma rest up and try to hit up my man Steve Aoki’s bday!

god bless…

p.s. here’s a bbm pic of a homey who took a pic of her drive home from Vegas to LA

shit was really snowing!!!

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