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thanks to my boy Marcus Myers for linking me or his friend linking me to this amazing, literally superb documentary on Eli Porter! YES FUCKING ELI! WOWW!!

unreal I want to watch this on my big screen at home!

yesterday wasn’t so bad…..
picked up my new watch…..

I’m just staying on this yellow gold swag and I don’t think the white gold is coming back….

I even had to make me yellow gold grills

while I was waiting for my watch….

I met up with a comrade of mine “Avo” who is also a jeweler for a meeting and quick snack at Bottega Louie…. are you fucking kidding me? top 10 best restaurant in all of LA. top 3 sexiest restaurants in LA point blank and the food obviously is just no joke…. there aren’t reservations, so you need to pull out 2 things, your patience or your juice card!

italian meatball with mozzarella sliders! ZOMG!

just button your lips please…. shuuuuusshhhhhhh!
so good, I can’t wait to go back!

and then later I met up with an OG homey of mine from elementary school… he works for the US customs and last week he met Harvey Weinstein…. Harvey invited him to check out a very private screening in beverly hills of a movie called “Our Idiot Brother” which starred Paul Rudd, Zoey Deschanel, Rashida Jones, Elizabeth Banks, Steve Coogan and Emily Mortimor…. and the movie was really good… very irritating because the dude is a super hippie(a croc wearing one) but good guy and has zero common sense, so figure a guy who is arrested for selling weed to a uniformed police officer… and after he gets out of jail, begins an odyssey of living off his 3 sisters in NYC….. definitely something worth watching…. after that, we shot over to DuPars for the old faithful diner food…. I got a tuna melt and promised Nic I wouldn’t have the hotcakes until I took her cousins there…..

went home and thought about maybe getting a second residence in either new york or las vegas (I mean residence by “renting” but who cares because I was probably leaning) but I don’t know, some changes maybe need to be made…. or not

I’m babbling, ok


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