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okay, sorry y’all. I just woke up not too long ago and after a crazy few flights, my whole schedule and time line is waaaaaay out of wack right now. I usually turn down free shit all the time, including trips, tons of clothes, etc…. but I couldn’t turn down this last minute adventure
New Years is really overly hyped and I think the last time I went all out on NYE was seriously 14 years ago? no jokes… I’ll travel somewhere, but I HATE CROWDED AREAS and gridlock. I had a good time, just not enough time.

so like an asshole, I started a new diet on the 29th of Dec which consists of basically no carbohydrates. Google Atkins diet and its harder than that. I’m basically taking in 20 to 40 grams of carbs total. DO YOU KNOW HOW TOUGH AND CREATIVE YOU GOTTA BE? and how boring your food is on a daily? basically, I have to cook my own food because most places don’t have things that fall in that criteria. But in the morning, 2 eggs, 2 turkey sausage (like 3 to 4 grams of carbs total) then my protein shake (8 grams carbs total) for Lunch I eat 2 chicken breasts and 4 slices of tomatoes(like 2 to 3 grams total) then for Dinner same shit basically along with a shake and I take in a new drink that I have to love which isn’t bad called FUZE slenderize. each drink has 1 gram of carbohydrates total. This shit is ridiculous and everyday when I ran/train and workout I feel crazy! but I start filming next week and I ain’t about to look like the purp/drank belly Ben Baller of 2005 to 2008. HELL NO! btw, I love bread, rice, pasta and carb filled grains! I love french fries and pizza and I love to have my sprite or dr. pepper a couple times a week (I used to drink 6 to 10 cokes a day!) and I even cut down a lot, but now ALL THE ABOVE IS FORBIDDEN AND EXTINCT! and I’m hating it! I refuse to drink diet sprite or sprite zero or diet coke(which is worse than regular coke)…. I can’t even eat my 100 calorie snacks because they have 16 to 24 carbs in each pack! FUCK!

as for resolutions. the diet is one of them, deleting 100 bbm friends just happened in the past 32 hours…. I might cut some friends on my facebook so it’s truly only true life acquaintances and friends…. but most importantly, I was a little lazy come 4th quarter of 08. I got into this HOUSE CAT mode and had my milk come to me and expected shit to happen, but also, in the last quarter of 08, I did have this amazing blog that blew the fuck up. so for every quarter in 09, GO HARD (fuck the remix)

I’ll be traveling to vegas and seattle and san francisco this month and I might be closing a deal with a new liquor company for an endorsement deal…. also gotta start designing the LE Vaider for Supra

For my B-Day, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do it at club “MY HOUSE” and the capacity is 600 or so, so it should be fine.

So I’m amped for 2009! I’m fresh, single as a dollar bill, got a tv show poppin, new shoe, new liquor(maybe? :p) and a lot of potential even in this shitty economy.

I hope everything is great with y’all! I pray for those in need and I wish everyone the best this year. LET’S GET IT!

oh and I hate all my cars. I want to dump everything and cop new joint. I know, I got issues.

peace, happy new year.

p.s. Yvette, I hope you make it back to the tdot safe and sound and I hope you had a great time in my city.

p.s.s. If you have never heard of the Far East Movement (3 asian talented rap artists from L.A. doin their thing) please peep out their page here: FM and FM myspace. James, I’ll see you 2moro lil homey and I’m feelin the new single!

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