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I really grew up with my pop’s holdin it down in the house…. but I can’t deny that i’m a Momma’s boy. straight up. I love you Mom. I don’t know how you put up with my bullshit for this long and managed to stay somewhat sane. shout out to all the mothers out there especially that 1 special mom in my life other than my own mom I love you too much.

what’s a perfect gift to get your mom? lol how about an iced out G-Shock (the 25th anniversary edition is just the perfect size for a lady!) Dr. Phil’s wife got 1 for mother’s day(she got the 6900 bigger watch)
the pricing on these aren’t bad at all. when it comes to genuine authentic jewelry, these are affordable no doubt. and this one in red rubies is SICK! real clean! change the bands too, from black, white or whatever color you feel matches your mood.

p.s. yes we’re open today as we are every single day including xmas day from 10am to 7pm (except for the last tues of each month) 323-565-3434

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