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yes, for some reason, or maybe somebody special has got me in a halloween costume for the first time in about 23 or 24 years. TRUE STORY! I never dress up. Once every blue moon, I may put on some bandanas or a wig and I say MAYBE, but a full costume from head to toe? it was a tough one… but I even got the split toe boots and the full fit tonight! HOLLA! and I know my babygirl’s gonna be gouging a lot of people vision with her costum, but I’m gonna be a silent assassin!
EVERYONE PLEASE BE SAFE WHEREVER YOU ARE! especially those who will be in hollyweird tonight! HOLLYWOOD IS GONNA BE NUTS, SO BE CAREFUL. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.. I’m sure I’ll have lots of pics up 2moro! and for a weekend recap. I been laying in the cut the past couple days getting ready for tonight. See y’all.
Trick or Treat? you already know your boy KTeezy ain’t trickin on nobody! lol

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