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Met this kid when he was 18 years old and had ambition to hustle hard…. he got a lot of me in his grind (PAWS) and he didn’t mind hard work, but he rather use his brain and talents to execute his moves…. well 4 years later, the kid turned 22 and we went out to Opera to celebrate his birthday.
He’s always had strong family values which is good and always takes care of his fam, related and some non related. Always the usual suspects at his celebrations… Justin, Andrew, Will, Rich, Bon and his sisters and usually other cousins, but last night was just the homey’s and fam and even NBA dunk champion Jason Richardson was there doin a celeb guest DJ appearance.

all I know is at 22, I wasn’t pushing a 6 series bimmer and poppin $4,000 worth of bottles on my birthday. kid’s grow up so damn fast and live fast too…. I hope you got you blown back last night by one of those shorties bro haha. We got it in, y’all got it in…

I had to leave to go get my wife in the LBC, so I could stay too long, but from 11:30 to 1am we got silly. I love you lil homey, stay up, cuz I’d never tell you to get down.

kid was feelin himself a lil something…. yes that is an IF and Co. G-Shock FLOODED!

and the kid was doin way too much……

the irony…. we always poppin magnums… but they call me cat dicc? lol

peace cat dicc jr.

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