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this ain’t the average b-day shout out. this is a cat who has taken 1 step towards me, so I’ve taken 5 steps towards him no homo. I’d do years in the pen for my dude George. Happy Birthday fam. George is the kinda guy who had a chance at success, envisioned it and ran the fuck past home plate with it. George is part owner of a small business…. you might have heard of it, it’s called PLATINUM MOTORSPORT. Unless you’ve been living underneath a sombrero for the past 5 years, you haven’t seen an exotic whip or anything fly on wheels rollin thru LA or on your TV screens without a Platinum License Plate frame on it…. from the Beckham’s to the Kardashians to Saudi Royalty to an endless A-List celeb clientele, they have every angle of the affluent society on earth covered. George has been the cornerstone of the business from a decision about a tire size to complete transformation of a lamborghini that already needs nothing else added, but he’ll give it that elegant fuck you touch to it and of course keep it G, because that’s just him. It’s not even fair in the past few years with rival motorsport business’s because there truly are none. There isn’t a close 2nd place; in actuality, Platinum is basically # 1, # 2 and # 3 when it comes to whips. just shut the fuck up.

I love you bro bro. I got you always, thank you for everything in the past few years.
mad love, congrats on the 10 year anniversary and I can’t wait to get foolish with the crew!

George, you maybe years younger than me, but you will NEVER be the “little homey”… you was built for this from day 1. I see greatness and I know you was born with it boss.

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