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yep, this is why I love having my own blog….. so I can dedicate shit to my best friend, brother and partner in life Mr. Jonas Bevacqua. Happy 31 to you kid….. by daytime my dude is Cristóbal Balenciaga Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld all balled up into a 5’8″ gundam robot with fresh gear. but by nighttime my dude Jonas turns into an iller version of Hank Moody from Californication who kills gypsies and birdbrains…. Have a safe trip bro bro, I love you man.

I tried to say goodbye to you yesterday, but Milli said you were off riding your bicycle in copenhagen with an attache case(which prolly had japanese eye drops and some peanuts and an apple in it) see you at the moon mr. simos. oh yeh and I think we need security…. because we’re very insecure! ayyyyyyyyye I KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE!

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