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today my dad turned 75 years of age!
I spent the entire day with my pops…. He’s a retired professor from UCLA who made a very very humble living trying to raise my ignorant ass and I can’t imagine how he managed. From me goin to jail for stupid shit to big shit, getting kicked out of 9 schools…. but I made out okay I guess huh?

anyways, my father never had much and 19 years ago after saving all his money (I can’t imagine for how long) but he bought this small house in the South Bay and it cost just over $175,000 and at one point in the 90’s it even dropped below that value and I was like damn dad, why??? today in this shitty ass economy the crib is worth closer to 1.75mill lol. smh. I guess, I’m the asshole now huh?

anyways today, I had the deepest conversation in the history of me & my dad’s relationship about my life that lasted over 3 hours long. I know I don’t ever bring up my mom or dad on my blog or much of family because I choose to protect their privacy and etc…. but today was a milestone because me and my pops went over 6 years without any contact while I was trying to grind over some stupid shit and me being bitter about how strict he was, but he really had no choice but to whoop my ass because I was fucking up major…. my dad’s story is deeper than atlantis. shit is nuts… one day I’ll post a bit of it, but I love you dad and damn I hope to leave a legacy for Koreans as you’ve done.

the view from my pops terrace…. crazy. I prefer a city view over an ocean one, but he got the best of both worlds…..

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