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so Monday was a long trying day, thank you CCP for the company and thank you DMR for the smiley face. anyways…. I didn’t want to go out, but I had to show some love to my little homey TYGA who’s really doin it right now…. He’s signed to Decaydance(Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy) and also signed to Young Money(Lil Wayne). He just got home from tour and had his B-Day party @ AREA. It started out a little slow, but got crazy. I really am trying to stay in more often, but I needed some air. Me, TK, Lo & Jason of BH all copped him a bottle each to show love. Congrats on all the success TYGA. Also, thank you for your business to Icee Fresh aka I.F. & Co.

had to shit on cats with the Exclusive Supra Terry Kennedy signature SK8 shoe “TK SOCIETY”

btw, I never sleep

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