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damn, there are so many of October’s very own… again happy born day shout outs to my fam: Jonas Bevacqua, Drake, Jackie Long…. and last night til the AM I spent the entire time with my lil sister Tila…. I knew her before the tequila…. Just Tila Nguyen! fyi, Tila is the only ex girlfriend of mine in my life that I am still cool with and actually close with. She is like my muse at times and is and has always been there for me through rough times & great times… thank you T, I love you.

so last night, I took her to go see paranormal activity, (btw, you owe me a new hoody, since you pulled on it so damn much from being scared!) and it was okay, it dragged on a for a lil bit, but then damn POW! so after that, we went for a drive, talked about a lot of shit, caught up on each others lives… went home to feed onyx(her dog) and then got ready and headed out to MI6 to party with my brother Homicide… hung out there for an hour or so, then headed to Hyde to chill with some fam… my boy Jackie Long was there celebrating his bday too… chilled and then bounced… I asked Tila, where do you wanna eat? kitchen 24? bossa nova? standard hotel? she said “Mc Donalds foooooo!” I love that hood ass dirty south bitch in her! haha, so we hit mickey d’s and then chilled and was gonna watch a movie, but I gotta head to SD, she gotta head to the Bay…. we’re gonna hit NYC next month and a few other spots! again, I love you girl. I got you forever, same goes to you Jonas!

me and Tila 8 years ago….

wow, at her old apt in weho….

me and Tila last night @ MI6

then… later on at Hyde

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