happy b-day Stephanie! my cousin!

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yes blood related cousin!

so last night I celebrated my cousin’s birthday outta town, she turned 30! crazy! I used to take care of her and my other cousins (on the jewish side of the family) and it’s so weird to me that she was just a baby when I was 7 and I always looked at her and her sisters as little babies! I used to get into A LOT OF TROUBLE before I turned 18, so her mom, my aunt took me in for a couple years and helped me out. I always got love for y’all. forever. I love you Stephanie, happy b-day cuz, I hope I can see you all more often, but I know all of us are not in LA anymore.
lol @ my cousin having her 30th b-day at a strip club, well sorta a strip club, it was grimey as hell in there! shit, they let us take pics and honestly, the strippers in there were so busted up, I’d need to be absolutely drunk and not had sex in 8 years+ to get excited in there. no joke, but who cares…. it’s my cousin’s party

my baby cousins are grown up now. jesus


my little cousin nicole on the right, started to get fadeddd and got on the pole, so I almost had to slap the matzahs and kim chee outta her! shitttttttttt….. meanwhile my cousin Changa on the left, is totally opposite and remained calm all night lol.

love you guys forever for real!

OH! btw, this club wasn’t that grimey I guess, because they did have Cristal! haha

and we did sip champagne… was good seeing the fam even just for a few hours

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