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man oh man, boy oh boy! WHERE DO I START REALLY?
First off, Bo my manager/producer and overall point to man is someone I met through DJ Skee a while ago… he’s a degree of separation from most of the important people behind the scenes and with real power in hollywood. Bo once forwarded me a real email from Bill Gates and me and Jonas just laughed for 28 minutes. lol. anyways, last night was his bday party and he’s such a laid back guy and I’m such an asshole most of the time, I thought i’d try to be nice to him since he was turning 21 for the 8th time. So he had his bday party @ the Key Club (I know, I said the same thing… wtf?) hold up! it was downstairs in the vip room. I haven’t been to the Key Club in 10 years and wow has it changed. I felt liked I stepped into 1998 for real. So the reason why Bo had his party there was because he found a new band/rap group called “LORD T AND ELOISE” that has created their own sound called “aristocrunk”. I wanted to committ suicide after the first song, true story, but apparently they are a very big deal. There were big agents from CAA in the house and the Farrelly Brothers were there as well. One guy in the band looked like Jason Bateman, another guy looked like an anorexic Chris Farley and the last guy looked like a gypsy dressed in the energizer bunny outfit with a curly amadeus suit. At least they looked like they were having a lot of fun and they definitely don’t take themselves too serious at all.


Bo I hope you get whatever you want, you’ve been beyond crucial to my/our tv show and everything else. See you @ club 33! I wasn’t there for the show bro, I was there for you. Thank you for everything. Hope Elsa blew your shorts off. lol.
me and the man of the night

one of Bo’s best friends & a new buddy of mine… (if I had his money, I’d throw mine away all over the 10 freeway) do me a favor and google “suharto” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 12 figure cheddar(that is not a misprint). Coolest dude too

So I leave there to head to my car and hear punk rockers scream out “thats BEN BALLER! ICEE FRESH” I act like I don’t hear them yelling and I’m trying to figure out if Bo paid them to say that before I even got to the club. So strange when I get stopped to take a pic or because they want an autograph.
ANYWAYS! I head down the street to the chez chez nightclub to all the socialites “VILLA”. Villa is a very exclusive and dope ass nightclub, but it’s small and it was PACKED TO THE MAXIMUS last night… this is where my homey Brittny Gastineau had her bday party. a totally different scene then the key club. I ran into a ton of friends I haven’t seen in a long time and we had a lot of laughs. at approximately 11:30pm is when I decided to say fuck it, I’m gonna get wasted!(I live right down the street) Brittny forced me to take a double shot of Don Julio(along with who knows what other alcohol throughout the night) and it was pretty much a wrap from there. I think at least 12 bottles were ordered total for our table. She was soooo faded I had sobered up at times so that she didn’t mess up my $250,000 chain.(lol, I know) by 12:30am the place was en fuego! outta control! my man dj edski was holding it down! Brittny’s bff Kim Kardashian(also a client/long time friend of mine) showed up and was like where’s britt? I was like, “you see that tall girl standing on the table acting a fool? right there” and so we all took some pics. I don’t remember if Mikey or Stef drove me home, but I know that I was so faded I was text messaging people’s house phones. jesus.
shout outs to: Scott V, Courtney, Gia, Carly, Kevin, Seth, Chuck, Kevin, Lisa, Justin, Brandon and so many more I’m sure I forgot. I love seeing my old friends. now for some photos!

me and Brit early

my boy Kevin…. I’ve known Kevin for 15 years or longer and we used to play basketball at this little school called Wonderland where they had 9 foot rims and I used to dunk on him all the time and he would talk shit to me. lol…. we used to make fun of him for being on entourage a few years ago…. then the show took off crazy. We always joke about the bball games to this day no matter where I see him.

Kevin and Britt and you can see he’s about this excited in every pic

me and britt after some liqs…

Kim K in the howse! I know i’m scruffy, but I don’t shave or get cleaned up unless your initials are D.R. or we’re on camera for real


^^ I didn’t even notice Brittny’s bf’s hand there, shit creeped me out, btw, this was maybe the 17th pic I took of them because Britts eyes were everywhere!

I love it when pretty ladies blow me kisses! (again britts eyes were everywhere, so I gave her the daft punk treatment)

Britt much luv to you, I know you had a blast… good for you! I had a LOT of fun. TOO MUCH FUN. I love it when I see my homey’s who can party with their mom’s. I think that shit is awesome when a girl can have a few drinks with her mom for real. I bet your headache is waaaaaaaaaay worse then mine is. key word is “pedialyte” girl

last shot was taken at 1am and this wasn’t even all the bottles again. I don’t know who paid for the final bill, but I threw in a few stacks just for the cause.

f.y.i. Dom P tastes way better than Cristal or Ace of Spades.

again, Bo & Britt, happy bday, god bless you both.

Thank god it’s friday…. gotta go see Gregg to get right
Jojo you bastard, how was Madonna?
damn, I actually have a lot of work to do today :/

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