hangover aka I’m old weekend

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started out with delays at the airport….
I opted out of my first class ticket to fly on the same flight with my bro Rob Kardashian and fuck that, I won’t do it again… I flew home 1st class and didn’t think twice about once we landed in vegas….

thank god I had some new beats to listen to…..

like I said…. there was no way I was flying coach back home…. upgraded when we landed!

I didn’t really have an idea that we or really that I would be filming in the Khloe & Lamar reality show…. spinoff of Keeping Up With The Kardashians…..
so as soon as we landed, it was lights, camera, action….

I cannot speak too much about what went down as I signed a confidentiality agreement with “E” networks and so I can post some pics of what I was doing, but can’t really get into any detail of the party, other than what you might have seen or read on twitter…..

sucks huh? well I’ll post pics once the show airs, so I don’t spoil it.
but damn damn damn lol

here’s a few pics, but not everything….

the 3 amigos for the weekend…. Jamie you fucking killed me! you made the trip that much better homey…. lol smh

for those who know me, know that this is the dream fridge for me! haha
I will say the room was thee biggest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. do you know how crazy that is to say? I thought my room new years eve 5 years ago was crazy but this was maybe 4x the size…. 19 toilets, 7 bedrooms…. our own pool, jacuzzi, PUTTING GREEN! and a lot more, but again, can’t speak on it too much or show the pics….

as soon as I unpacked my bag….. I got this great little note

I needed a severe nap because I knew we were goin in til around 4 to 7am easily!
so thats what I did…. after I ordered some room service

and then all the homey’s showed up to get ready to get dinner


we were deep as hell…. I mean we had a mean entourage of at least 15 heads…. deep security…
and headed off to dinner….

the food was delicious and I didn’t even order… they just handled it for everyone and there was something for everyone…. I usually do NOT like to eat before I hit any nightclub because of my stomach and before I drink… but the key to drinking is to definitely eat as much bread as you can to soak up the alcohol…. too bad there wasn’t any bread lol

I sat in between khloe and Rob and for jokes compared her 10 carat radiant cut diamond to my 4 carat radiant cut diamond…. I’ve known khloe for 10 years and she’s always talked shit…. she had me dying the entire night lol. killin me!

so after we finished, Floyd Mayweather and his crew came through to meet up with us to roll up to JET together… now for those that know me, know I don’t EVER get star struck… I’ve made jewelry for Michael Jackson to Tom Cruise to damn near every famous rapper or musician who wears jewelry and nba players etc…. never even really got excited… it’s just about the business…. BUT this is my favorite boxer next to Mike Tyson who I’ve met many times before… but still, it’s money may and when he walked up, I was hyped as fuck that he knew who I was and his boys all knew me…. they all looked out for me too, thank god (i’ll explain later)

Rob and Floyd chattin up the mic for JET’s red carpet…
when we all pulled up, it was very dope to have the VIP treatment, not because of being with the Kardashians, but because the Light Group is family….. shout out to the homey Moose Diesel and John JT and everyone else who showed me crazy love…. “the infamous Ben Baller” lol. wtf? I’ll take it

highlight of the evening for me was Floyd saying, you like Rose’ right? yo Baller, from me to you…. and Mayweather handed me a freshly unopened bottle of nectar Imperial Rose’!
big BIG fucking shout out to BIG KIP (floyd’s bodyguard) who looked out for us all night while watching Money May….

now let’s talk about STUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this cat Mayweather had 100 stacks on him!!!!!! yes in cash! haha, when he told me, I was like, I love this fucking guy…. and he’ll knock you the fuck out!
even before when we were walking to the club, I said, you rockin a tourbillon watch? 1 of 6 ever made? and he was tellin his boys… you see, only a jeweler would know the deal on this watch….

now you know I don’t jock nobody’s jewelry game ever… but when you got $3 million on your wrists and hands… I gotta say something. smh, shitting ain’t even the word. he cleansed his bowels on any haters…. oh btw, he had over 2 million on his neck piece too…. unexplainable silly clowning…. and his 2011 new body maybach 62 was a major problem too ugggghhhhhhhh!

he saw my shines I had on even though as of late I don’t rock much jewelry really….

I can’t even count how many bottles came out… but here’s some more random pics


shout out to Khadijah and Malika for cracking me up…..


and then the dopest cake ever came out…. I guess you’ll have to wait to see that lol

so I was inebriated beyond recognition…. I think I called Nic 2x at 4am or so and woke her up and said all kinds of crazy shit…. but MORE IMPORTANTLY…. I dropped my bracelet and Floyd’s homey Wayne picked it up out of the goodness of his heart and was like yo fam, you buggin! that shows me the kinda loyalty Money May got running inside his camp…. that shit is embedded in their DNA…. like I said Big Kip was watching out for me all night to make sure me or Rob or anyone in our table/section was all good…..

I was getting texts from homey’s at 8am still like yoooooo where you at???
shieeeutttttttttttttttt(klay davis voice) I was outro…
I was hurting so bad, like worse than so many other times where I felt like I drank hard
I mean, I flew home and slept the entire day…..

I was supposed to head out to San Diego for Rob’s 2nd birthday party, but I couldn’t get it together…. I was so ashtrayed and hurting that I didn’t make 1 single move all day after I landed at LAX…. I stayed my ass home and slept and drank water and slept and when I finally woke up, I caught a late show of “Limitless” with Nic and my boy Cody… the movie was fucking awesome. dope as fuck. go check it out…. man I need that! (go watch and you’ll see what I’m talking about)

later after checking my phone… I wasn’t the only one hurting…. everyone else was too

Sunday? just getting back to life and being almost normal again…
Nic made me breakfast and I stayed in and watched TV and got into a huge fake twitter war with the homey Jo Koy (if you don’t know who he is, google him and follow him, funny cat for sure)….. later My fam and Nic’s family had dinner in Koreatown for the first time and it went really well…. of course all the embarrassing stories of me came out of the wood works and my mom showed no mercy…. but it was a good time and it was raining cats and dogs!
I mean god damn, the wind was blowing so hard and there was flooding…. shit was crazy!

I just started to feel better until I put myself into a korean bbq kogi food coma

enjoy your week… I gotta hit the bay this week and a lotta other shit to do.


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