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so I don’t like Halloween all that much, I actually HATE dressing up.
in the last 25 years, I’ve dressed up 3 times.
2 of those times are for Nic because she loves dressing up and I couldn’t get out of it no matter what I did…. it’s easier to comply then deal with the consequences! smh lol

this is what I was hoping to wear

fat chance…..

the mask was only $20! I wanted to buy it anyways and just wear it in traffic….
she made me put it back….

so we got costumes and I had an event to head to for Hennessy

shout out to Coltrane and my Epiphany fam!

after that, we had a beautiful dinner at the Chateau Marmont and then shot over to the hills of hollywood for my old dear friend Mashas 30th bday party…. I’ve known her since she was 15, so this is crazy

the party was great, lots of security lol….. but at a really cool house, 2 big bars…. some smoke in the air and good catering…. I got to catch up with some old friends and nobody new at all.

triple couples….
it was actually not a costume party….
in fact, NOBODY was dressed up except my friend Kelly and her husband and Cash and Jessica came dressed up lol…. but they just came from a costume party. After having 2 babies, I think Jessica and Cash deserved some fun time though!

but the next night I was so excited for Cabo that I couldn’t think about partying….
it was Nic’s best friends husbands birthday and halloween party and it was very chill. (JUST LIKE I LOVE IT!)
happy birthday Justin!

we ate at El Compadre and then shot over to Red Rock and I got to catch up with some homies…

got my true blood on….. vampires cry tears of blood

the dead bride and groom…. but we’re definitely alive!

after about 300 shots (NOT an exaggeration)

partial pic of the crew of 20 + people

I’m gonna post the cabo trip either later today or tomorrow for sure….

I need to catch up with work now and figure out the holiday plans!

peace everyone

mad love!

oh and shout out to my boy Wale for reppin his new chain

*credit* Hip Hop Update for the pic


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